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Do you think this will work on quest with the virtual desktop?

Add VR akjbkjasdkjbaskdjb please

I only have an AMD 200 series... sooo I can see why it wouldn’t be compatible. Either way u recommend virtual desktop since it is wireless

yea I would love to try that... but first off, I don’t have enough money for it, as I am a teen. Second, I like to use my quest to the full capability and basically the reason it was made was so you could have *mobile* VR. And third, my GPU isn’t yet compatible for the oculus link. 

Ps. I very STRONGLY recommend virtual desktop... it has literally NO latency, despite what people say. You can use it without a cord as well. It is like the oculus link cable... buuut, better! And cheaper. 

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Hi:) i was trying to play this on my quest using virtual desktop and streaming through steamVr, but the controls don't seem to be working... any thoughts?

Edit: I have full tracking capability but none of the buttons work:(

ps. im a really big fan LOL ive been watching your videos for a long time... seeya