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Hello Developer, 

I am a true fan of your software.  It's the best $15 I've ever spent for creative 3D software!  So, thank you from the very bottom of my heart for creating it!  FlowScape has empowered me to create scenes quite effortlessly (and rapidly) to go along with my original music tracks.  Here, have a look for yourself...

Keep up the great work!  You are absolutely doing everything right towards empowering the creation of 3D environments for many many many people out there.  My hat is off to you! <3


If you are working on the next version of FlowScape, you have my full support!  In fact, I would love to be an investor; so just let me know.

Here's a list of things that I would LOVE to see implemented for the next version.  

1.  Please port it over to Unreal Engine 5.xx so that we can enjoy the cool technologies it offers such as Global Illumination and Nanites. :)
2.  Please allow importing animated assets.
3.  Please allow importing videos (so that I can place them on my imported TV object or anywhere else I want).  Also, make chroma keying possible for the videos (so that I can bring in a green screen actor into my scene and make it loopable).
4.  Please add more keyframes for camera movements; and allow it to smoothly pan/tilt/zoom the camera.
5.  Please allow the use of the TAB key to select the next closest object so that we can accurately select placed objects in the scene (because sometimes when I want to select a specific object and there are other objects in the way, it becomes challenging to select the object I want to modify).
6.  Please allow objects to follow a keyframed path and continue looping back from the start point once it reaches the end point.  Also, have the option for it to "boomerang" back to the starting point once it reaches the end point (sorta like patrolling).
7.  Please allow the illuminated light objects to change colors based on its own keyframes (for example, I want a police car object to have lights that flash red and then blue and then red and then blue, etc.  or another example Christmas lights twinkling on & off.)
8.  Please allow the ability for the sun/moon to move based on day/night cycle.
9.  Please consider object collision or collision avoidance (for example, I have seen birds and butterflies fly right through houses and walls).  
10.  Please make the UNDO function more reliable as sometimes it doesn't work properly or as expected (for example, when I sculpt the landscape and wanted to undo, it doesn't undo it).

Dear Developer, you have my 100% support in creating the next version of FlowScape!   P.S.  Please allow for importing animated objects.  It would also be quite nice if you can add a character designer that we can dress up and place into our scenes as the main subject.  Now THAT would be truly amazing!  

I would buy a 2.0 version if it ever gets released!  FlowScape is absolutely awesome!  <3  P.S.  To the developer, please add the ability for animated imports or perhaps add a character designer that we can dress up as the main subject to our scene and allow us to tell it what to do such as walk around, dance or  play an instrument, etc.  :D  

According to this thread where the developer provided the answer, you can do whatever you'd like with what you create using FlowScape.  :)