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The little guy from Eight is me :3 lemme know if you got it

Try downloading this:

That's what the dev provided anyway. This never happened to me.

Hello! I love this tool, I've been using it for daily journaling for about a week now. However, after a recent power outage at my house, my PC disconnected from the internet and reconnected when it powered back on. Now I'm getting an error, which I have included below. Can you please help me fix this? I can provide more details if asked. I'd love to continue to use this journaling tool, any help is appreciated. Thanks! 

Just noticed the same thing. I wonder why?

Imagine this from the waiters perspective

Assassins be like

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you, sir, are amazingly talented. i love this game. stunning style.

absolutely wonderful. a great game, beautiful art, and cool concept. 10/10 ;)

when i saw jake for a second i was just like "w- wh- um ok" but this is a great little story/game ;)

hint: 1up

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how in the world do i get to the levels in souls highway behind locks?? pls help

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see the 3 grasses near the beginning of the world? *Cough Cough* godowninbetweenthemandfollowthepath *Cough Cough* what?