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Search through the ship and find another character to meet. You can request their help to solve the puzzle for you. Don't know if it's possible to solve it yourself, but I assume you can (I never could though, lol).

Loving Zad's look! Can't wait to see more of him.

Very interesting premise! Looking forward to seeing how this goes!

Love the new main menu art after picking your desired route! It's all very cute.

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Been awhile since I checked in on this game, but I have to say I'm digging the new art for the faces when the characters are piloting their mechs; looks a lot better! Hope things continue to go well for you!

Really enjoyed this update! Having Ranok do the whole "I'm not gay" thing is a pretty interesting development, as you don't see that too often in Visual Novels, especially with someone as flirty as him.

As for critiques so far? 

Sense of scale in regards to character's heights is a little vague. I didn't mind so much during the first build because the Main Character was confined to a bed 95% of the time, but I just feel like it should be a bit more established if you can, now that he's walking around and such. Not a super important point or anything as you kinda get the sense the Main Character only gets up to their chest, but with how often the Main Character is called tiny/small/additional synonym, clarifying the heights might make it stick the point even harder. This will be even more true once other characters/Otherkin start getting introduced down the line. Then again, maybe I'm just a sucker for Size Difference lol.

Also, while Ranok is quite the catch, I have to wonder if maybe there could be one more option towards the end of this build? Sort of like a "He's attractive, but I don't like him/I don't know, but I like how he makes me feel", or something similar? I have no idea what the plan for this visual novel is regarding romance (Just Ranok? Ranok and Vul? A few other options for later down the line? A free love sort of harem? Etc.), so feel free to disregard this point. Just wanted to bring it up in case you are still undecided and might want to have an "other" option available just in case. But again, if it's a solo romance similar to Adastra, then you can safely ignore this.

Other than that? Keep up the good work! Sorry if several of these points have been said already by other/those on Patreon.

Hope the new project goes well for you! Really like how Gabriel looks as well.

Very good first impressions! Felt the character sprites were particularly great and very expressive.  Hope the project goes well for you!

Finished! Hope all the answers you guys receive can help further grow the community's content in new and interesting ways!

My question for the Q&A:

Are there any characters (currently in the game and coming in the next update, this can include the player avatar) that you've had to change or tweak from their original inception/creation? Like, turning one character from snarky into a more introspective person, as a random example. Or how maybe a line or set of lines maybe sounded too morbid for the tone of another character so you removed them.

I'm sure its a process that happens quite a lot in writing until things are finalized, but I'm always curious for any interesting/entertaining stories of what could have been.

Thanks, and can't wait for the next release!

Definitely an interesting start! Hope the project goes well for you!

1: At first I was thinking something for his own room, like a chest to contain his valuables (and giving him the only key to it), or a type of scrapbook to house all the pictures of the eventual guests that would come by now (since he has gone on to mention many different guests in the past and he seems to enjoy reminiscing).

But since it seems like you are looking for clothing options specifically...maybe a sort of tool belt to help with his work around the hotel? Or a type of satchel which can hold X amount of items as he travels the hotel? I guess a goofy/cute option would be a type of plush toy or teddy bear to hang at his waist (though I don't think they were around back then). Only other thing I can think of is a small instrument like a Harmonica to hang around his neck or something.

3: I guess I would tell him, "Take it one day at a time", or something like that. Even if it's an option that does absolutely nothing and he doesn't really believe it (might even be a little inappropriate considering how long he was stuck in that room for), it'd still be nice reminding him of that every so often.

As for what I'd like to do for him? Brush his fur of course! Or like, have him teach me how to handle brushing or washing fur since I can imagine quite a lot of guests coming in would have it. And seeing how the Player is a total noob regarding the Supernatural, who better to teach?

2. I would never send him out there (and never have), but if I had to come up with another reason as to why people would? Players may intend to sent him out there, and then sort of repay it later by doing/agreeing to something that the Player might not want to do. Sort of like a comprise of "do this for me and I will pay it back later". Have no idea if other people thought so, but it's one that came to mind as I was typing the other stuff, so I thought I'd include it here.

Just got a chance to try it out, and I'm loving how expressive you made the Dogs! I'm sure it took a lot of work, but the results really shine through! Can't wait to see the rest of the potential doggo boyfriends.

Thanks for the .zip file! Can't wait to try it out.