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Incredible! Neat use of the engine. Trying to make a decent RPG myself but in a far-abandoned engine (DarkBasic Pro). Literally it's just planning a wall of code. No UI other than anything you program yourself. *reinventing the wheel* It gets rather discouraging but a vibrant game like the one you three made is quite uplifting! Keep up the good work.

This is  a gem! I'm surprised there isn't a mandatory price. I certainly hope donations have been treating you well :D

I just played through what feels like the majority of the demo (had an unexpected crash) but omg I am quite dazzled at how quickly I lost track of time! I must know; how many people worked on that for how long using what engine?! It is quite mesmerizing :D!

Created an account mainly to reply to this haha. In the UI section you can always type "help" for available commands.


So, I started off with what little DosBox knowledge i had and typed "dir" (shows what files are in the DIRectory you're currently in). I noticed a couple listed something like blahblah"voidscan.exe" and blahblah"remote.exe" along with lots of .dat files and such. (also don't freak out too hard if typing "help" returns an invalid command- it does that sometimes to screw with you :D). I tried "voidscan" and "remote" a couple times and looked at the unsettling sequences unfold before realizing "remote" is (to my knowledge) activate the (satellites?) responsible for the integrity of the dimension's files. "voidscan" updates the list from the (satelite link?). I didn't know "help" actually worked so i found myself battling the s#!tty refresh rate of my monitor and the art-style of the game to look at the newly populated list of files that scrolled by too fast while spamming "dir". I saw a .exe that fortunately caught my eye called "dive.exe". so.. I typed "dive". .. .. . I was changed ever since ;)