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ya dun glitched the ui bruv

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ofc all i complain about works AFTER i complain about it, thnx for your patience.

black flannel shirt does not imo reflect big boob size.

when checking the safehouse and cassie isnt there, go to the apple tree first to see if shes picking apples.
also how do you give gin a maid set? i cant get that interaction.

i only know of the two interactions between gin and cassie, whats the third?

added fridge and heater in appliances store, is that the one where the clerc snarkily corrects your understanding of the shortening of app? because i dont have those options...

ive been cycling between the interactions between cassy and gin but nothing is progressing, im wondering if its broken because ive already progressed

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from what i found you can reload the area by leaving and entering the abandoned town, it takes quite a few tries to even get gin to go to the lake, and even more to get cassie to to go there as well. you can just cycle it. but doing so doesnt progress anything....although once there they dont leave, but cassie also goes looking for apples, so you need to keep going there incase shes there so you can re-roll for her to be at the lake...

have patience with those who do not have patience with you, this includes yourself. engine migration is always a pain the ass, and not in the fun way. good luck.

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kitchen admire option doesnt show anything, sadge

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anything other than the two original tickles is worthless, the white and red you gain empty at the same relative rate as you gain from the other two, netting you a whole lotta nuthin

unreachable heart msg box beneath bed, i assume this is the "leg" scenes for anna, but i cant use it because well, unreachable...

cant figure out how to get mother and lily to interact at all.

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it seems as if nhentai have figured out what youre doing and is blocking access

you did bring the two villagers to the temple right?

also instructions on how to use the auto stuff would be nice, if they function...

soooo do you end up with everything you started with if you do all the trading with the neko and kitsunes

because honestly thatd be great so i dont have to go through ALL the shops to get the stuff i lost.

apologies for the late reply, it was when you battle linda for dominance, for some reason it was like linda took an extra turn just to slap the shit out herself

Linda smacks Linda around with a meat tentacle

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Makes you eat 40 burgers a day for 2 years

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I didnt know about foxys damage increase, i thought it was just static
thats insidious

i have seen her move back on the sixth laugh if you have both doors closed when it she moves, but i cant remember to which room

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If only i had degenerate friends i could recommend this to, the cgs are very good looking, and theres a lot of it, big plus considering how sparse most other h games are with their rewarding content, story has a hook to it i wasnt expecting,

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You can clear night 6 without using cams at all, just listen for footsteps and have your mouse over left door to react to foxy running.

apparently the number of laughs indicates how soon Freddy is gonna attack, someone mentioned 5 and I kinda agree. Although on night 6 Freddie seems to attack at about 7 minutes 45 seconds, almost like clockwork in my experience, so close the doors at 7:40 until you hear the 5/6th laugh, whichever one she attacks on.

On night 6, Bonnie sits at the door for about 6 seconds after the third footstep and Chika about 5 seconds, if you refrain from flashing bonnie, you can use the jump scare noise to tell you if she's behind the door but for once per visit, if Chica or bonnie see you through the doors it seems the leave timer is reset, so spamming doors and lights, even if they don't sabotage them, will just waste power, you want them gone before you open the door at all. using optimal timing seems to drain 3-4% of power per visit

Foxy bashes on the door 3 times, each knock drains 2%, and the extra time wasted on the closed door drains an extra 1% for good measure, so a total of 6-7% drain per Foxy visit.

Each unit of power drain represents around about 10/11% per hour power drain. keep this in mind at all times, because if you can manage the power so you drain 16% per hour you can go the whole night without power loss. so theoretically you should be fine blocking foxy once per hour if no one else messes with you, or 2 Chicas/Bonnies per hour.

it takes about 8 minutes 40 seconds for a full night, about 1:25-1:27ish per hour, if you can make the power run out at about 8 minutes, and if you're lucky, Freddy will take her sweet time to nail you, this is if you're unlucky and the other three have been particularly aggressive. I screwed up three god runs not closing the door quick enough when RNG made them passive, where I could've easily completed the night without power loss, a bad hour is more than 2 Chica/Bonnie visits an hour/1 Foxy visit + any number of Chica/Bonnie visits an hour

the basic rule for "is this run power hungry or power conservative"
is if your power left is above or below a certain percent at the beginning of an hour.

12:00 - 1:00 83%

   1:00 - 2:00 67%

   2:00 - 3:00 50%

   3:00 - 4:00 34%

   4:00 - 5:00 17%

I'm working on night 7 420, I feel as if the period of time they wait at doors is drastically lower than night 6.

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the first time golden appeared the game quit, thus not giving me the unlock, im not sure if any of that is intentional or if im just unlucky. im assuming i need to clear 4/20 mode to get 100%, currently at 60, dont know if golden has any effect on the percentage.
I dont know what triggers golden...
i dont wan the file, i want to beat it all myself...

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Is ring around the rosy the only thing you get to do with the hunter? or is there patreon exclusive stuff i will never see because im poor?

never you mind, found it

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how do i trigger the next part for alissa?

well i was stun locked once as the roll didnt quite make the distance, and got knocked back to the place i rolled from, and also easy is a relative term. us westerners find a lot of "easy" games horridly difficult :P

the police set is indecent?!
also normal waist wraps werent indecent, and you didnt get fawns from a shop

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other people are complaining but i dont see the problem with the roll recovery tech you added, it prevents the irritating issue of being stun locked by an unfortunate position and bad luck with the random attacks.

Trying to type a new name for a pet is painful because the wasd keys move the cursor and make it impossible to type

thats a little harsh considering chloe said "after finishing some bosses" because you cant revisit some of the scenes without restarting the game, its a fair question.

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you noticed fawns wrap didnt make one indecent, i had hoped that wouldve gone under your radar, i liked getting away with being lewd in UNA, but it IS kinda sad there arent any nice looking undies that remove indecency so that you can wear fawns waist wrap and not be indecent.
wait cow tops no longer cover the top and are now indecent too? eeh?

my apologies i forgot to mention that the issue is a layering one with a dick...

so uh, wearing fawns see through skirt with no undies is kinda glitched when visibly pregnant

nah thats old stuff, shes too busy playing with aliss

will we be able to take lessons from fawn to join her in her work?
also rinny is NEVER around to "greet" us at the succubus tower after alissa, is that meant to be a chance thing or am i just unlucky?

no as in you a pose while floating majestically in the ait
and using the d-pad doesnt allow for fine aiming like the joystick does, which means you can only attack certain things from very specific angles, rather than actually aiming like the joystick would allow. but yes, 2d platformers benefit from d-pad...

when dismembered and lactating you can somehow pinch your nipples XP

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there is a rather hilarious visual bug with attacking while floating. i wouldnt remove it though, an area/boss which revolves around floating and attacking at the same time would be very interesting.

also for controllers with multiple joysticks, would it be possible for aiming to be done with the other stick? as it stands walking in the direction i want to shoot usually ends in a hit being taken :/

ive had the other two give that text aswell

already have, my method iirc correctly was get preggo and before you get big get the OTHER preggo. but i think Indivi didnt realise that getting normal preggo was blocked by other preggo sooo iunno if anythings changed

and no your character does (did. havent checked this update) NOT comment on the fact that you managed double pregnancy shenanigans even though you told gin its not possible...