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cant figure out how to find the second part of the key in the lava maze

92% now

and why is that even a thing, wtf

well im stuck of 70 something and it wont budge...

is 100% actually possible?


so is version 3 actually public or is it patreon only

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"Sometimes i forget how how Claire is"
Who and where is aryn btw?

hoooh boy what a bad time to move to unity....

haha, if in the previous version the cult captured the train station, it appears to be tentacle ridden in the new version, however in the new version if you hadnt played up to that the station is just goon ridden XP

apologising to gwen has her paper doll infront of the tex

can she do a Goatse?

while that might be good for a shortwhile its just taking the bandaid off slower, also it doesnt hurt unity as much as outright dropping it for its trash ceo.

with companies like autodesk for 3d and adobe for art and video, it was only a matter of time.

i personally find the lack of voice acting refreshing. a lot od va stuff just sounds cringe in these types of games imo...


0.8 maggie is in the dining room but is invisible

kick covid in the ass, get the rest you need and then some, delays wont stop us from loving what you do.

all the hints in the affection menu arent for that scene that the gallery shows as locked. i know because ive gone through all the affection menus hints

there are no hints about cleos last scene in the gallery, what am i missing and where?

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the save file for windows isnt in the install file so delete away

still cant get captured

am i just too dangerous looking?

the neko literally telle me to go into that room, and there isnt a neko in the corner, ive spoken to bell at the locked door, the npc hasnt spawned

whats this?

so jessicas last outfit is pretty hard to find, i cant seem to get it....

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Bell is stuck in the temple and the door the neko says youre supposed to just enter doesnt open and so im stuck in the temple with literally nothing i can do
finally, upon doing ng+ theres a person in the room beneath the neko that tells you to enter a room, that isnt there for some reason on my normal save, so that saves fucking busted.....

theres a map you can buy in sunshine

its the reliance on 3d models, the facial expressions are a little too exaggerated imo but what can you do, hand drawn will always be superior to 3d

berryxvalrie is maxed and it still aint showing

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for me, choosing either horror or erotic with berry/valerie step 4 results in the exact same scene for berry

assuming this is 5th column 4th row its berry riding mc when isabelle visits, im not sure what changes the game from showing berry's scene to isabelles 3 (other) scenes but its either berry being the mcs firsts for everything or being in a relationship with emma or not
although i can tell you my exact circumstances, virginity lost to serena, berry every other first, in a relationship with emma, that gets me berries scene

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bell is stuck in the temple and every neko i can talk to doesnt help and i cant open that occupied door that the one neko says you can just walk into....

now i cant leave

the slavers are too sissy to try and catch me, they just run away

weeyy ill take you up on that

for berry i am missing 1st column and second row and for valerie i am missing 3rd column last row

is there a legend for hints about the specific scenes youre missing

nessas story is causing you quite a bit of trouble i see 

the picture for "plan an event" is just a small corner of the screen and part of lucy sitting on a bed, id share screenshots but this site isnt playing nice

sadly no

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ive come to the end of whats available for kali and the option to visit her at college does not evening, when alicking her door the only thing that pops up is "Kali is in Corpus right now"


waist wraps

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how do you visit nessa? i dont know where to click to visit the college, the option is removed from kalis door but is there anywhere else? if youve completed the college part do you miss out on nessa? thas unfair, it wizzed by without giving me much chance choice or warning

well it opened once and then never again, i thought perhaps there was a set of cinditions that initiated repeats of the slave sales, bought the slave because i have no life

the 2 x 7 map tile group offest by one to the left/right, i thought the desert was just a small area and you could go around in circles trying to go the same direction. it was only when i realised that certain oasis, and the cow cave were actually in specific spot did i released the 4 map tile sets were just repeating, and nothing else.