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this is breathtaking, truly.

this was beautiful. so so beautiful

i really enjoyed this! super cute, good story.

super cool! i love the aesthetic and i had fun. still couldn't beat the third level, tho. i really liked the chat! test_acco and helda were my favorites ^^

awesome game! i loved it!

Ah, I'm stalking your page now, Portrait Prophecies! Your games, including this one, are so unique and interesting in ways I haven't seen before. Great job on WHILE THE WORLD laughs!

great game!

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I played this game 5 months ago. I played it then in memory of those that perhaps wouldn't get a red rose on their grave. To choose a person and grieve, then move on. I played every night for a week, and I stopped. I placed schoolwork and an editing job as a top priority. I thought I would replay it today to see if there were more players.

This game is no longer downloadable because the numbers are too high and the game will crash.

Covid-19 is not a joke. It is not a political opinion. It is not something to brush under the rug. 

Wash your hands.

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Definitely a cool game, I really love the foreshadowing and how the player has to connect the dots and understand the situation person by person. Awesome!

awesome game!

super pretty, but also very laggy.