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How do you kill those weird dog things in the experimental version? No matter how many times I hit them with anything, they just bounce right back.

Do you think you could make it so that endless mode unlocks weapons? Right now I'm pretty far into the arena, all champions unlocked, but I only have 2 kills with the flail, and it's not the best weapon for the arena imo.

thanks :D i'm just overly excited, gorn was one of the first vr games i ever played

i feel like killing myself, i really wanted to test the full version lol

welp my soul is dead inside now

Hi raithza,

I was wondering if I could have the beta download key for GORN. I would like to make a video on GORN using the HTC Vive. My email address (specially created for matters like this) js "" My youtube channel is right here: