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In case anyone else is having this issue, I’ve managed to get out of the loop by trying to “give…” an item and then select “quit”. In every other situation, this would return to the choice screen, but this case actually just moves the clock forward and breaks the cycle.

I’ve played about an hour and I think this game is really promising! :) I actually love the idea of exploring the world in first-person and getting to switch into 3rd-person whenever. It’s a bit janky at times but really makes the place feel more lived in and fun to go hunting for items and clues.

I know there’s a ton of polish and shine still needed, but just getting everything working at this rate is an acomplishment!

10$ USD is a bit on the high side, but I wouldn’t mind paying something like 25$USD for a full bundle of 3 games.

Honestly though, I think your view on being afraid of getting scammed is uncalled for. Especially when the dev already has a history of making full releases and demos.

Likewise, anyone can pirate anything, just don’t try to justify it as some moral crusade when it’s clear you’re only doing this for your self. :/

Do you mean the first marker to go home? I got the second marker when I made it home and got my things.

If it helps, the game is made in Unity and I’ve found that unity command switches can change the default graphic settings. Depending on the OS you’re running, you might want to try to lower the graphic quality or change rendering options though commandline

try to get your desperation and bond up. After 30% on bond, you can start working on tension.

Events in the car will help, likewise the stuff you find on the floor in major cities will help tension when you’re sleeping in an Inn.

I’m loving everything about this! :) The characters look amazing, you have great use of music/sfx, and the story writing is just the right amount of anime/hen cheesecake to be hooked on.

This was fun!^^

Just wanted to say that this is amazing! :) There’s some hiccups I’m having here and there but I’m just happy with how great the art and music in this demo is!

It’s been a while and I don’t remember if I left a comment, but I just wanted to say the writing was incredible. I completed the story with a very good ending I believe. <3

There’s some tropes I didn’t like, but the writing in the ero scenes was done really well! ^^

Loving the update!^^


Is the game going to update in the app or should we just download from the site?

I think I’ve placed 3hrs in already? Definitely not kidding about a slow burn. ^^

I’m really loving how the story is going and can’t wait to see more <3

I think you’re right >.< This upload is back from 2016 but PH has a different download link.

If you’re part of their Patron, can you alert them to this page so they can either take it down or take over the page?

from where?

Other VN have people who patch in custom changes. At this point, I’m going to look up on how to do it lol

like, away/remove the chair. Starting to think about it, I think I need to buy the cuffs?

It’s the one in game by pressing the (?) on the top right. But yeah, like I can’t remember how to swtich posisions while on the chair for example :(

nope, looks like it’s just a single-player sandbox :)

If anyone wants to try out the stage I made ^^


smh it’s not called Ham-stars ;P

Really loving this playful toybox with really cute and funny hamsters! Would it be possible to make it so that tubes can go though solid terrain? I tried making a figure 8 with tubes that go under square blocks, but it seems like the two collide even though I’m able to place the tube inside. :(

Thank you! :3

Just downloaded it 30 minutes ago and getting that Shader Error on start. :(

FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation
ShaderName: shdSwap

D3DXCompile failed - result

at gml_Object_MetaCont_Draw_76

For anyone wondering, this game works in Windows. The zip file that’s provided is missing some meta-data that itch needs to confirm it’s a windows install. Just download/unpack to play.

Overall, it’s a good demo. Some of the requests are hard to do though as you’re just hoping that “this combination of things = this request”. Even with the help guide, it would be nice to get a reading of what we’re actually doing. (ie, hand and thigh while wearing clothing, or massage vs pumping)

But yeah, hoping to see an update in the future!^^

Not sure if it helps anymore since it’s a three-year old post, but there’s a site that contains many patches you might be seeking. “l3wd p@tch3r”

Thank you for the update! <3

This game was amazing!!

I so love all the additional game modes and tools included like making my own GIFs and altus. :)

This looks amazing, can't wait to try it~

I'm really enjoying these games! <3

Is there a way I can pay a full price for the 'X'clusive content? Asking since it's uncomfortable to pay monthly and quit next month in... >.<

worth it.

Each Day community · Created a new topic Eeeeeee! :D

Yay!  I'm happy to see some new goodness from Outbreak! x3

Just bought it on the name alone, lol <3  Thank you for being part of the bundle! 

All APKs that are sideloaded will give you this warning.  It's part of the OS to warn the user.  I have a copy and I can confirm that it's fine and working!