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I bought this as part of the "Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality" last year, finally getting around to downloading it all now. 

By any chance, with the name and design of the cover, would this happen to be inspired by a certain teenage private investigator from Neptune?

Hello! Thanks for your response, commenting out the sections of code worked, but it still won't allow me to fill multiple squares by clicking and dragging.

And Unity had somehow cleared the build settings, I just had to re-add the menu and game scenes to get it to work. 

Would you be able to update the README file to include instructions on how to remove the pinch zoom and camera pan? Because at the moment when trying to click and drag to fill in multiple squares it's just dragging the image around and having to click each individual tile is noisy and annoying.

I'm also having trouble getting my own images into the game, I've saved them as black and white PNGs with no transparency, they're both only 5x5 pixels, and I've set the image properties in the inspector to match the example in the README but the game just sits on the loading screen.

Both, the numbers are not on the keys themselves and there is no indication of what key was pressed. Now I understand there is no little display screen so the numbers not appearing in that way makes sense, but not being able to tell which key was pressed was very annoying.

Hello there! Great game, tried it out because it reminded me of The Room franchise, but I noticed a couple of glitches.
1) If you hit ESC while the inventory menu is up, and click continue, the text stays on screen for a while after.
2) The numbers on the keypad don't show up so it's very difficult to input the code to get out.

Have you tried The House of Da Vinci? I backed it on Kickstarter and it was very fun.

Just played this and loved it! AlphaBetaGamer said it was like The Room by Fireproof games and I love all games like that. Can't wait to buy the full version of this!

I did encounter one glitch though, once I completed it my mouse cursor disappeared. I have a touchscreen laptop so navigating back to the main menu and quitting the game was no issue, but might be worth looking into this.