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@ohsqueezy I prefer how you hear the lyrics of that song

Well done @mellenka!

SnoutUP, there are a couple of ways which you can cash out. One option is to download the source code from and change the game from Robin Hood to say "The Council". Another, and far easier method is to just press ALT-F4 :)

Yes Muciojad that feeling is something which more people need to experience, I was happy how each throw feels like to have some 'value'. Thank you, and *high five* :)

Not sure how to rate this one so shall leave it to the experts! But read far enough to require a lot of back-button presses to return back here :-)

Glad you enjoyed the tactical element Nathaniel, thanks!

Great episode Jupiter! I was laughing at some moments then my game came up, thanks for playing I gave it a few rewinds enjoying differently each time. For better results, throw the money when the top 'drawer' begins moving inwards. I'm still laughing at the "rigged" comment

Ha thanks, yes money feels owned as soon as it lands! Well the game might show when to stop playing.

My girls will enjoy solving this, because I'm stuck!