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As someone who also is on the Spectrum and has Anxiety I feel you. I've always found it hard to put myself out there for a job too and even struggled when applying for college. I hope you're able to settle all this Tax stuff and get the money back if that's possible! 

I'm glad to see that you're stuff is finally able to get out there! I love all of your work! Cheers to the future!

Congrats on finishing it up! Can't wait to see the changes you've made to this game from so long ago.

I LOVE your works and I'm sure this one will be no exception! Can't wait to see how you wow me this time!

Amazing just like all the other stuff you've made! I love how sweet the story can be while also still having an aspect of creepiness towards it, the designs are amazing as is the VAing.  

I would say to keep working with the current engine, as you said this a BIG project and while you're nowhere near completing it starting from scratch would still suck. 

An amazing game. Got all 7 endings so I've officially 100%ed the game. The game has an amazing idea and plays around with it quite a bit. Being guided by another person who you can't see is quite scary in itself. The "First Sin" has a design that's eerie (fun fact: upon looking to see if there's different dialogue for having "The Voice" muted the whole way I noticed that The "First Sin" has a little walking animation. It's a small but great touch) 4/5 (or 8/10). Great concept that sadly isn't expanded too much upon but, for what's there it's amazing. 

Great! Loved (Don't) Open your eyes! Ready to see what this has got in store

Glad to see that this isn't dead yet! Has lots of potential and is one the better VNs on this site.

Simply amazing! While a simple idea the execution is well done! Can't wait for the next update! And hopefully we can get a full release too!

Interesting concepts consider me intrigued. Any bugs I saw have already been mentioned so I don't really have much to say besides: I'll be watching this product very closely. Loved Miss Crass's design and VA btw