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I think there's something wrong with android version again :( , hope it gets fixed soon I'm q huge fan of ur games echo man

I'm still having this issue, it's my 1st time installing on Android too

The newest uploads have been so good, my bussy literally got scared from my own reflection on the screen.

Lmao guessing some staff ghosted? Or someone irl died? Hope things will be fine nonetheless

Seems like a dumb idea

I dont think the type matters, right brother John?

The parents seem like LITERAL PARENTS LUL, when our human was complaining I noticed that they seemed to respond in a way that they would to CHILDREN as any other colony would be called. And like any other parent, they are not perfect haha

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dayummm best update ever, that shower interction was hella cutee, also im curious is it just me? cuz whenever something intense comes up i always take like a 5 min break from reading no? XD

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Soooo.. I'm guessing a Zach route isn't gonna be a thing? if it is I'm curious if u wanna finish the other routes b4 adding his but if nah then it'll be  sad but I respect that, their relationship as friends seems wholesome enough anyways :> 

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probly bit late, but played it nd shows lotta promise! definitely ooking forward

never played his route, but considering that this took forever to come imma play it, im sure its as gud or even better than other routes

acckkk bb boi needs lovee tbh, we stan the qt quiet bois

i find the monster, to be myself, maybe the game is done that way. To project yourself to the monster, but to find no one else but urself. The monster is searching for a face, but what if we all look the same? everyone has a different face, but what he doesnt realize is he can and should only find his true face for himself.

sooo.. did something happen to the creator? just been a while since game's been updated too

will there be a windows version in the near future ? i just prefer it than on android cuz i dot have apple XD

lmao no math, thank u

soo... does that mean echo exists in the map as well?

soo... I was replaying adastra and noticed how uncannily similar looking cato is to amicus and was wondering in some bizzare situation that this was intentional?

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just played new update and wondered what pueblo exactly is considering it was on Dev's tshirt on Arches and was mentioned on said update, is it like a state or town near echo?

edit: loved the update btw, u never cease to impress! <3

they already did fk tho, not shown but they did. Highly unlikely theyd fuk but theres maybe like a 5 percent chance of that happening

delete redownload maybe

ikr? its a general ule in art that if the work has less detail it makes it more cuter, details are nice but he looked wayyyy cuter in the original

jokes are kinda americanized but culturally there's no problem there

new update good! had to take a break every now and then otherwise my heart would explode :>

cant be canon cuz todd fancies cliff

thats what i do

im stuck, how do u get to this point of the story?

just finished the build and dear god I'm dreading to see what awful things  will happen to them, spare me the tortuuree plzzz (nah jk rly gud so far)

bruh FUCKING GOOSEBUMBS writing is better than ever before!!! I can see your improvement from both the somke room and arches, it gave me actual fear. something i never knew i could acheive from reading, keep up the good work 

does this mean that all your works are all finished but just need both background art, character art, music,  and etc? also the art style reminds me of geronimo stilton

pretty cute :)

i wouldn't say there's a specific order, they all tie in eitherway

is this the full game now?


i thirst for updateesss

uhhhmm this game is still in development dud, hold ur horses cuz u'll get your choices and i think the game has a lot of choices considering the length of it

hey im doing jun route and was just wondering if i get anything special or good if i pry jun about his medical issues, can anyone please tell me? thanks!

aaaaaa too much pressure!! jeezuz i want my preciouse jun boi to have a gud lifeee <3

u just  basically force shoichi to meet his mom no matter the consequences, even if he's mad and sh8

thnx for everyone's responses u helped a lot :>

just found the route where u get to meet shoichi's mom and i gotta say Sachiko-san kinda looks like Velma Dinkley from schooby doo but furry, old and with a blue skirt instead of a red one

(she's even a  has an auburn/red colored hair!!!)