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can't leave the house because my dress isn't a dress 10/10 can't even play it

Very cute art, not much else but it's short so that's fine

just don't use them then, you can clear any dungeon rn without them so don't bother trying 

there really needs to more of a tell for cursed items, or at the very least less of them. my reward for clearing a dungeon was that my best character can no longer do anything until they take 200 damage

if you carry on fighting with 0 units left you auto win every fight rewards and all


character dies

chapter 3 is such a pain, so many cavs you can't see and past that you get softlocked if you loose one of the 4 door keys

firefox, same error

do you?

who the va, they so cute!

nothing is changed... it's just different assets

looks like and is detected as a virus

def a thing on my end but for some reason all unity web gl games have the cam always drift to the right makes stuff like this close to unplayable without downloading it


great game, wish there was a story or campaign mode

why pizza kill me ): I just click food because food heal but food kill

you need reusable healing and a deck with only 5 dice and be able to loop full heal plus shield while chipping in dmg

think a discard pile for rules would be nice, really sucks loosing so much space for the extra is s and words

wait how would you dig out an is if all the middle slots are filled??? and even then there isn't space to make a rule

uhhh browser vers doesn't have a fps cap

is this unwinnable? really needs a tutorial

why have you done this?

2 things

1. pretty sure there is no momentum to anything and that makes slight movements and aiming way harder than it needs to be

2. the levels require way too much precision just to pass if you tap left at all it feels like you're gonna loose and that makes the level design kinda boring

really fun when you do get it to work but as of now 6/10

not enough time to learn what you're doing at the start

for anyone wondering, no it doesn't get better

You got a discord? xa44#5205

sick game, tho the grind for spare parts is a bit much and prob could be replaced by bluecaps in a few spots since they're unused. btw noticed the art in this game is a little underwhelming so if you're interested I could go through and redo chunks of it as well as add some animations

yeah but you kinda need it every run, that's the problem

And 15 is less than 20 you're still taking like 4+ wich if that happens every turn you die if you can't get reuseable heals you just kinda die. It's possible just feels limiting making that stuff mandatory to have

game's fun but it really shouldn't be possible for enemies to hit you for over 20DMG total reusable healing feels mandatory

OP sword if you just wanna grind for crafts


got all the hints and still can't get the craft for the sword, have it in the journal but don't got the craft

game maker, guessing a lot of people did something like this tbh kinda disliked this theme seems like anything really interesting would take way more work than 1 person could ever do

heyo, idk if you remember me at all but we both took part in the gmtk game jam a while back. I'm gonna be joining this years again and I'm guesssing you will probably as well, so wanna know if you're interested in working together for the jam

how this work? looks like it has nothing really strong other than block, but how do you manage curses and stuff

fun build, sadly died next fight because 999 shield doesn't matter in area 3

was a lot of fun but the screen shaking and the sudden reset of the rotation on death made it hard to look at, ended up giving up midway because of that