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I love the visuals and the soundtrack. All the flashing makes it a bit confusing, but that's part of the fun in these games. I think PvP would be fun. The only thing I would change are the shooting enemies. Their perfect aim was pretty anoying. I'd definitely like to play the finished game!

well, I started the game, so far so good. Got out of the cage, then I wanted to go to car, In instructions on page of this game was said "pres spacebar when near to car do get in" or something like that. I did it nothing happened. Waste of time for me :/

Hello there!

I have Just one more thing to say. Please put it on steam greenlight. I think would like to have this game on steam because Im on steam much more than on itch. :)

I wish you a nice day

Its doesnt play the video, screen is blury when I move and the casete shakes then holding it and its not a little shake but it flies from one side to another

same to me...

same to me...

I have an idea. I was thinking about machine gun that would be able to damage tanks and helicopters, but you need to put it on something (you know, bipod) and after that you could shoot.

Tank movement is better, but helicopter seems so much unstable, like in the first versions...

NEW UPDATE! (Im so happy)

Very nice update, but theres one problem, tanks and helicopters that fell into water dont explode and blocks spawn of new ones

I played for one minute and already found a bug :D when I was in the corner I blinked into it by mistake and it threw my behind the walls and I wasnt able to get back.

Yes! this is good game! I felt like a hero! and was little sorry to my little character everytime he died :D

So I completed the game in 12 minutes. Its quite long because most indie games I Have played was completed in 5-8 minutes. I really like the weapons and arms, they are such beautiful. I was good enought for me. so yeah I like it. nothing extra but it was fun to play.

This game is very good. but I have trouble. whenever Im at floor 4 it doesnt let me go to next floor even when I have done all rooms and then it just fire me :/

I dont understand this shit :D no really its weird, instructions not clear