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The Tophat Demon

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That looks cool. I look forward to seeing your improvements!

The controls are quite sluggish and awkward; the turning is incredibly slow and this ruins any rhythm or elegance to the player's movement. However, I understand that it may be a necessary design choice to ensure that you can't finish the maze too quickly.

The game also lacks a lot of polish. There are many tiny details that just make the game feel kind of clunky and unprofessional, like the default text-to-speech voice, the way that the "trapped" tiles fall slowly and linearly, leaving behind perfectly square gaps leading to nothing, and the way that the steam coming from the robots seems to be an opaque, monotone gray color. These things don't really make the game bad, but they make it look kind of dodgy and could deter players from checking it out.

I also got tired of the music track (from the first levels) pretty quickly; I think it could use some variation.

However, I can tell that a lot of effort was put into the artwork and the concept, and it indeed looks great (if a little rough around the edges). The HUD design is also pretty endearing. I found the rabbit mechanic quite amusing as well. The game-play itself is not too bad either, nothing ground-breaking, could probably use some more variation, but there's enough to it to keep it entertaining for a while.

It's an alright game, and you did a good job. However, especially if you're making it a commercial product, I think it would be a worthy investment to polish it more thoroughly, making sure it looks and feels smooth and professional.

The gameplay's a little dull, but the game was so quirky I didn't care.

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Thanks for playing!

It uses real 3d. OpenGL.