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so I got the door "open" but i cant go through it now, it just acts as if it's still closed. Any ideas?

I got it! Thanks so much for the help!

So I cleared it, but now the meter is powering the relay thus powering g the meter, I tried to clear all of the cables off of the meter itself but I cant, any pointers? Also I found the switch if that helps. But thx for responding so fast, I appreciate it.

The Superfluous Sand community · Created a new topic Cables

hey m8, love the game but at the playground mission, ik I have to open the door for the last three skeletons but I accidentally connected the meter to a power line along with the burner and door, so now it doesnt open, did I do it wrong or is there a way to cut that cable/reset them? I dont want to restart all my missions. Thanks in advance.