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and i'm mad causei can't play this game yet and its supposed to be before the salesssssssssss as you said right? make it happen will ya?

you are facing a problem with steam release it thinks you are releasing the game in 2017 and you didn't make the change for it to be fixed or it would of been released before the special offers that are today like you said it would!
It says  16 Jan, 2017 if i were you i'd try to make it work as in 2019-12-19 release date or 2019-12-20 as i know its so hard to do, one thing and make it work on steam, but still we have all to learn on this, but i really want the game on steam its just so hard to wait when it was supposed to be out like you said you wouldn't have this comment on your doorstep before christmas just saying
and if i were more mature i would of waited but a little comment can't kill, well some can but thats not happening here!
Merry Christmas To You All!