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i was so confused when i saw "thanks for playing".. time to get full version and go through that panfull dialogue again..

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Game is amazing, but idk if it's only a demo thing or no but if i wanna exit i gotta press alt+f4 otherwise the button isn't working (windows), tho sadly i can't play full game because i can only pay with paypall and i'm not american, it's not common to use it and yeah.. i don't own paypall which is a shame.. game's like 25zł tho for me which is a lot tbh

it's terrible to play

sorry not sorry

I'm in love with story telling! finished quickly but super cute!

It's fr cutest short game EVER

Personally i think it's saddest game i ever played yet the one i enjoyed greatly. Great story telling about a girl learning how much she missed of being selfish. We all can learn by this game that we always need to listen and be there for others. we will never know how or when is going to be their last moments.

Very cool! just uhm.. it took me 358 doors to realize it never said go THROUGH a door.

I lost my best friend myself, this game is really adorable and shows how animals want to help even after death

I triede playing it but i got imidiatly teleported to end credits, no game play, buggy, no controls basically in controls panel cuz it is controller which i do not have

put it in mac and cheese


cutest game! sad it's short!