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x Brok3nAngel x

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This game made me laugh so much I really enjoyed playing it. Ending got me haha :) 

Awesome game :) I enjoyed playing it 

I loved this. Was not expecting that ending! You did an awesome job 

This was a cool game :) I look forward to updates 

Awesome video :) subbed 

I got into this game thinking it was about the topic and got attacked by dolls. Not saying it was a bad game but the plot was lost and I had no idea what I was doing 😂 

awesome video :) Subbed 

Creepy little game :) was awesome! 

This was amazing! I haven't played a horror game that has kept me on edge for the whole game in a long time. I can't wait for full release it's going to be great :D Awesome work 

Awesome game! Loved the story and how it looked like you were playing an old game. Good work :) 

This was a really good game. The build up kept me on edge haha well done :) 

Awesome game :) 

This game was great! Kept me on my toes. Awesome job, I look forward to full release :D 

Really good game! I can't wait for full release :) 

Cool little game :) Keep up the good work 

Subbed to you :) 

This was such an awesome game! Scares were good and that twist was great. You did an amazing job :D 

This was great :) Was fun to play. I look forward to your future games 

You did an awesome job on this game. Was not expecting that ending. 

I think you did a great job :) Graphics were nice just needed a little more scare factor 

I really liked this game :) it was different which is nice to see. Took me ages to finish it haha but I got there in the end. Awesome job 

This was a great game. I love how creepy is it. You did a great job :) 

I loved playing this! You did a really good job. I look forward to playing more of your games :) 

Really cool game. I love that it was different :) 

This was really well done! You should be proud of yourself :) Keep it up 

Great job! Jump scare got me haha 

Awesome game! I loved how it kept me on edge the whole time haha 

I look forward to the full release of this game. You did a great job as always :) 

Awesome little game :) Well done 

I really love where this is going and I am excited to follow you and play it once it is fully released! Keep up the good work :) 

This was really cool :) I love found footage games. Awesome job 

This game was great! I really love Japanese horror and the ending got me haha. Don't mind me not being able to put away and find my grocery list, Having a brain fog day >.< 

This game was good! I look forward to finding all the other endings :) Good work 

This was great. I loved the story line. Awesome job :) 

I really liked this! I think I should've made some different choices for more spookiness but I loved the character and the story line. Awesome job! 

Great game! The story line was really good and was not expecting that creepy ending. 

This was really interesting to play :) Thank you 

I really enjoyed this game! It's so nice to come across a game with an actual story line and even a twist! Keep up the awesome work :D 

I loved this. Jump scares got me every time! Awesome work :D 

Awesome little game :D