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This was fun to play! I look forward to the full game :) 

I loved this! such a cool game and I loved how you had to catch moths :) Keep up the awesome work 

This game was awesome :D I loved playing it and the story line was great. Keep up the good work :) 

I love the style of your videos too! I subbed :) I also read your youtube description and my mother also got me into horror. Keep up the awesome work

Good little game :) The atmosphere was very spooky and great detail 

This game was soooo good :) I loved the story but the ending I was hoping for more. That damn bus got me every time I got off lol You did a great job! the graphics were nice too. 

Good game :) The jump scare was great 

Great game! Got me so many times :) 

This was great to play :) So scary at times. Great job! I didn't get to finish it thanks to children lol but hopefully I can see the ending 

This was great! I think it would be amazing if you made it into a full game as I would definitely play. Awesome graphics and very spooky :)  

So excited to revisit this and see what you've done with it! 

Great little game :) 

Great game as always :) Once I knew you were making another one I got excited and couldn't wait to play. I just have to do the other endings 

Good quirky game :) I enjoyed playing it. 

Your game is really good it just needs some fixes. A checkpoint so you don't have to start from the beginning every time you die. How Bucky can come at you numerous times in a row before your camera charges and how many chocolates you need to pick up before getting to the next area :) Other than that I thought it was a good game. Jump scares were great, Graphics were good and it was scary. You did a great job :D 

This was such a cool game :) You did a great job and I loved that it was different to other horror games. I got the good ending :D 

Really great game! I enjoyed playing it, you did an amazing job :) 

Great game! I enjoyed playing it :) 

Great game as always :) 

This was cute and I liked how it was like a cursed version of animal crossing :) Great job 

Great game! Got me so many times haha you did a great job :) 

Great game :) I enjoyed playing it. Happy New Year to you! 

Very cute game :) 

Merry Christmas! I enjoyed playing this, the stories were great. You always make awesome games :) 

I love this one more than the first one! Awesome job, I can't wait to see more :)

This was great! I loved it, Really reminded me of the old myspace days haha :D 

I really liked this :) I hope you make a longer version it would make an awesome game x 

Awesome game :) Got me a few times, I look forward to the full game. 

This game was a twist haha! I thought it was going in a different direction. Great game :) 

I really liked the new stuff that was added. You did an amazing job :) I was happy to play the full version for you! Keep up the good work. I look forwards to future games 

This game was a ride haha It was recommended to me by a subscriber and I really enjoyed it. You did a great job :) 

I am looking forward to this since I loved your other game :D 

Interesting game :) I like the story line 

This game was so freaking cute >.< I loved it :) 

This was an interesting game :) 

Here is part 2 :D Everything was great. 

It worked :D This game has been great so far and the graphics are awesome. You did an amazing job 

I will give that a try :) Thank you 

This game was great :) was not expecting that ending. 

I couldn't get past act 3 :( I wasn't able to pick up the envelope and so a cut scene wasn't working which is unfortunate because the game looks amazing.