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This is going to be awesome! Great work.

awesome awesome news!!! congrats

Such a cool cart design! Any plans on making a version for DMG?

Great info! Thank you - nice to see these in the mix 

I hear ya - I’ve made more than one for the hardware and it is definitely a learning process. I love that folks still want to hold to the spirit of the gameboy, but without new cartridge games I feel like things can easily shift away from it again. Thanks for the other info as well - I think I’ve seen most of the games from May but it’s definitely worth another look!  

Nice work and kudos! I’ll load it up shortly.

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I’ll check it out! And yes - as GBStudio continues to grow let’s keep hoping for more new games on the hardware.

Unless I am missing something it is kind of sad that nothing I've seen so far can be played on Gameboy hardware. Are any ROMs forthcoming?

nope! moved on and finished the game - not sure if solving that gives you another ending

Yessss! Great to hear - excited for it. Awesome work.

Awww, man! Music was great though 

Was excited for this one - sorry to hear its getting scrapped!

This was one wild game and another stellar good time - thank you! Keep making cool stuff.

I am enjoying it! You should make a sequel using GB Studio 3 at some point. Also, is there more than one ending for the game?

Just got my package and cartridge - really beautiful graphics and stand out font work! The postcard and shells included were very special. Keep making cool stuff!

Awesome! Thanks for the info

Completely understand! It’s tricky. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Man, I would love to see and buy a physical copy of this that works for DMG, maybe using some pixel shading so that all of the colors can be represented? Any plans for that? It would open an additional revenue stream on the game for you.

I cannot figure out the code for the chest in the statue room! I can see the symbols nearby and I’m pretty sure I get what it’s pointing to (trying not to post any spoilers) but every combo I’ve tried hasn’t worked. Any tips? Kinda stuck

That would be awesome

I liked this a lot but had the same issues on the DMG via the non-demo file on your main site. Also the palette would sometimes just go all black on the characters at times. Really great start but needs some tweaks. Would love if it worked on both GB models as I would be playing on DMG.

Good to hear! It is a delightful little game - just needs some calm sound affects, maybe a background breeze or bird chirp now and then. Or a light tune :)

Very fun - can it be played on GB hardware? Would love to let my young nephew try it out on a cartridge.

Great game! Are there plans for a complete version?

Awesome game! Finally figured out how to play it - ha. How many levels (opponents?) are there. Is there a way to jump back to the level you were at before you died?

Always love  a Jelter game. FYI - the "view product info" link on the incube8 site currently takes you to D*Fuzed.

Great game! Reminds me of the Mole Madness game mechanic of digging. Jelter with another win.

First off - I love your game. Great use of GB studio to make something outside of the mold, and I love the character, the intro and environment, as well as the escalating sfx as you advance.

After playing it for a little bit, here are a few unsolicited suggestions that I feel would make it a fully polished game and which wouldn’t take too much additional effort to do using the program:

1) change the hit/dying sound to something slightly less abrasive. To me it takes away from the whimsy of the game.

2) add a little more character to the enemy sprites. Toast is delightful - maybe adapt or modify some existing sprites and combine them with yours to give more depth on the screen. 

3) add some depth to the clouds. I love the shapes, but maybe some lines here or there and shadowing

4) instead of a full restart, a respawn to the map right before the one you die on, which would allow you to:

5) add a bit more time between respawns and possibly add a cut screen with a close up of a more detailed Toast showing the “level” or “height” you are on. That would allow for not only a bit of a recenter for you as the player, but also give you a sense of where you are / were and how hard you need to keep fighting (see Tobu Tobu girl)

6) and the last and probably hardest thing to do, was as someone pointed out, add a control for a wing flap of some sort. If it’s in GB Studio, you should be able to assign an if/then for the A button - maybe a sprite change to wings-up, a quick pause in the descent while still being able to use the directional controls. I think this would really add to the replay ability of the game, especially if you add some other endings and the cut scenes

I would love to see and play this game more fleshed out and it is my favorite homebrew of the past few months! Great job, and kudos for making something fresh based off of a good idea from the kiddos.

Very cool! Nice addition to the archive.

Any images or video? Will it also work on DMG hardware?

No need to say unfortunately! Its still a fun play on DMG and great graphics work - I especially liked the bathroom area and the mechanical room

Some really cool work here. One thing I am finding is that on original GB hardware the color you’ve reserved for lightning as well as the notion of there being a door across from you doesn’t seem to be showing up. Is this release only supposed to be for the GBC? Enjoying it, nonetheless

Love this game and playing on the Gameboy! How many actual levels are there???

I hear ya! Great game. Hope you're well!

Would love to play this on an actual DMG