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this is such a wonderful :): of a game - was not expecting the tone. great work as always.

any updates on this one? great game

best story art in a long while - so well done. and yeah…the eyes in the window was 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

this looks so cool!

great to see the interview today! any release updates?

Very cool - look forward to seeing updates.

Definitely get it on the music - maybe a few tracks to choose from made by selected contributors. 

we are simple creatures. love this! any thoughts on adding music?

Haha! Fair enough. I need to run through it again now.

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awesome news - can’t wait to see the fixes!

Keep up the good work and thanks for the holiday reminder :) Still really looking forward to playing this one when you’re finished  

Was an honor and a pleasure to help! It’s a beautiful game and story. Congratulations!

Looks cool! Is there a .gb/gbc rom?

Solid indeed - the work looks great. And I agree on the Crush intro. It really pulled you in and was unique.

ahhh, I see on the hearts.

And I’m not on twitter, but didn’t realize you had so many other cool GB projects in the works! Incredible stuff!!! Can’t wait to see more of the other projects, but I know it’s daunting.

Have you thought of adding any of the existing artwork back to the “Annihilator” title screen? It feels like it needs something behind that horizontal bar.

Just finished the demo - it’s so good! Awesome to see the strafing when you hold down A as well as the flashing doorways. I had a bit of a glitch a few times - seems like as soon as you get cleared to move on to another room,you can no longer pick up any hearts that may be on screen.

Also, any reason for the name change? I honestly thought “Crush” was dope. The new cover art is great though. Are you scrapping the old intro with him hanging on the X (think that’s what it was?) 

This is going to be awesome

Hope this is still coming along well! Excited for it

snagged the digital - awesome to see how far this has come along! super excited to get to play the finished product

It'll be worth it!

Really excited about this one - looks amazing!

Would love to play this on hardware - is there a ROM available?

This seems neat! Is there a link to the rom?

This is going to be awesome! Great work.

awesome awesome news!!! congrats

Such a cool cart design! Any plans on making a version for DMG?

Great info! Thank you - nice to see these in the mix 

I hear ya - I’ve made more than one for the hardware and it is definitely a learning process. I love that folks still want to hold to the spirit of the gameboy, but without new cartridge games I feel like things can easily shift away from it again. Thanks for the other info as well - I think I’ve seen most of the games from May but it’s definitely worth another look!  

Nice work and kudos! I’ll load it up shortly.

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I’ll check it out! And yes - as GBStudio continues to grow let’s keep hoping for more new games on the hardware.

Unless I am missing something it is kind of sad that nothing I've seen so far can be played on Gameboy hardware. Are any ROMs forthcoming?

nope! moved on and finished the game - not sure if solving that gives you another ending

Yessss! Great to hear - excited for it. Awesome work.

Awww, man! Music was great though 

Was excited for this one - sorry to hear its getting scrapped!

This was one wild game and another stellar good time - thank you! Keep making cool stuff.

I am enjoying it! You should make a sequel using GB Studio 3 at some point. Also, is there more than one ending for the game?

Just got my package and cartridge - really beautiful graphics and stand out font work! The postcard and shells included were very special. Keep making cool stuff!

Awesome! Thanks for the info

Completely understand! It’s tricky. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Man, I would love to see and buy a physical copy of this that works for DMG, maybe using some pixel shading so that all of the colors can be represented? Any plans for that? It would open an additional revenue stream on the game for you.