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What a fun and cool idea!

Yay! Thank you. :)

WOW! I love this and I wanna play more! Bubsy!! 💌

That was so cute and fun. :D

I wanna go on more dating situations tho! 💌

This is soothing and has so much potential! Can't wait for the final version. I wanna make more drinks! :D

Hm I don't know how payments on itch work... But Steam and itch are definitely separate, unfortunately, so if you buy it on Steam you don't get an itch copy automatically... Sorry!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Really cool, I'm looking forward to more!

But we found "the perfect campsite" on Day 2, but afterwards the game said we still haven't found a place to live and then I died by the end. :X I know it's still in development though. ;) Nice!

That was cute and fun! Does this have anything to do with the Sega Genesis game "Wiz 'n' Liz"?? The name and the sound upon completion of the level sound similar! :)

That was fun and cute! Took me a few days to learn about egg toss. But is there any end and can I do anything with the money? Is it possible to make more than two rolls in a day?! So many questions.