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Thank you for playing! The female character is the healer. I should have included a tutorial that explains every hero's ability. I'll be mindful of that for my next game! :)

Hi pixel-boy! Just wanted to thank you for the amazing assets. I used the art from this pack in most of my game, and would like to share it with you! :)

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Thank you so much for playing the game! You're right, an info menu would have helped a lot with the onboarding process. I had spent pretty much 80% of my time working on the core mechanics of the game that I'm too familiar with it, and forgot that new players have no idea how the heroes/enemies behave. I probably won't update this game anymore, but I'll definitely keep this aspect in mind for my future games :) Thank you again!

Thank you!! Hope you enjoyed it :)

Unexpectedly difficult but I actually enjoyed the game! I can't beat the boss though. I know I have to utilize the dash but I'm clumsy with the controls.

Hey there! Sorry for the late reply! You can probably tell how often I log in here to check... Anyway, there should be 20 or 21 levels max, I can't remember. If you manage to set a high score after beating the level, that's the end of the game. XD

The idea isn't original; in fact, it's a clone of other games (if you search the keyword "pin" on google store, you'll find a lot of the same game). :) Hope you enjoy!

Thank you :)