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Yes, this program is a virus and copying another old roblox revival called blocks3d, heres the actual game, , the person who made this game stole an old version of blocks3d and injected malware, dont play this

alright, time to break the heartbreaking stuff, sorry to some people that are fans of this revival but the reason why roclassic has not been updated its because the dev discontinued the game, its no longer being worked on or updated, nowadays the dev saves the game as an archive, sorry to some people who were a big fan of the game

this game is still being tested

this is a roblox 2004 client i made

in roblox studio

so in order to play this game you need:

Roblox Studio
The Client

and thats all

you cant download it yet its still being tested

this only works in chrome

another GLITCH where the blue block disapears

there is a GLITCH where it does not load

im adding fullscreen mode to this game

how do i use this?