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Hey! Played your game and thought it was great, will be adding this to my steam Wishlist. Had a pretty good first run I would say lol, but looking at the comments below maybe I didn't get too far. Love the game so far, looking forward to the progress you make!

Great game! Loved the graphics and audio, hope you don't mind that I made a vid on this. I think I found a bug where the green goo items kept saying I had insufficient funds when I did have enough, and it stacked in the same area so it went super bright red after a few waves. Not sure if it was intentional, but otherwise great game! 

Hey! Hope you don't mind that I made a vid off your game. Love the concept, didn't expect the visual curses to be that detrimental lol. Looking forward to the next game!

Hey! Hope you don't mind that I made a video off your game, love the art style and theme and everything lol The music fits in very well too. You should consider making this a larger game, more content would be great! Keep up the great work.

Played your game, didn't find the upstairs for a bit but got the ending! Looking forward to another game!

Played your game and enjoyed it a lot! Love that the throwing mechanic was re-used from your walking dog game lol I'm a fan of your work, hope you dont mind that I made a vid. Keep up the great game development! 

Pretty SPOOKY, the skibidy will be free? Enjoyed playing this, hope you don't mind that I made a vid for it! 

Nice game! Loved the atmosphere, great stuff! Didn't get all endings but considering going back, enjoyed it. Somehow got the good ending? 

Great game! Loved the music and the look, basically everything about the game! I was not expecting that ending at all. Great game! 

Cool game! Loved the story idea, if 25k was availably for grabs I would have gone in too. The audio was super loud, but besides that it was cool!

Hey! Cool game, loved the idea and the cinematic graphics were PEAK. The motion blue did hurt my eyes a little and the audio from when TED catches you hurt my hears a little. Otherwise, was a pretty cool experience! loved the concept, felt like it was some train backrooms variant which was cool!

Cool game! Got a little stuck but pulled through, think my monitor resolution made me miss a thing or two lol. 

Loved the story, was interesting. If 25k was sitting around an "abandoned" building I would go and try to get it lol. Some parts were SUPER loud, especially the dogs, but otherwise it was a great play. It's the third game in my video here!

Interesting game! Was super loud, especially when the train crashed/TED caught me. Was a cool game, felt like a backrooms train crash genre lol. Made a vid, it's the second game in! 

I played this on an ultra-wide monitor so I missed the text (was cut off) lol. Loved the atmosphere though! Got stuck in the raining park area, didn't know how to turn my view (might have been the ultrawide lol) but got through. Great game though, loved the dogs, not sure where the second dog came from in the beginning XD Made a vid, this was the first game! 

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Cool game! Reminded me of my childhood.

Was interesting, loved the graphics. Love games that aren't too jumspcary but just off feeling, this was great.

That floor WAS wet lol. got 2 endings, how do you get ending 2/3? Liked the concept, some spots required I run at them to get them. Cool vibe!

Loved the ending! Caught me off guard, enjoyed the experience. Looking forward to the second game!

Hey! Played your game again! Love the update, wasn't expecting any of that lol. idk how you got his innards to look so realistic. 

Game looked great, love how I got DANCED on bro. ALso was the pee on the couch?? lol

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Grimace's BASEMENT?? Slender crossover was great lol!

Played your game! Enjoyed it a lot, are there more than 2 endings?? Got 2.

Played your game the other day and enjoyed it! If I had a job having me work through alerts like that I would want to get fired lol. Liked the concept, didn't know how long this game was until a few rounds had passed lol. Also the main character was THICK.

Played your game a few days ago and really enjoyed it! I want aliens to be real lol and this game gave me an experience akin to an abduction. Loved the graphics, looking forward to the full release! 

Cool game! Thought it was funny that I was a police officer yet I only brought a VHS recorder, no other weapon. I used to have bad apartment neighbors so this brings me back lol. Cool game!

YARRR it's pirate hour! Loved the visuals and music! Super interesting, I made it through the south path! Looking forward to the full non-demo game!

Cool game! Loved the sound design, this game actually scared me after I played it as a random tab started playing random noises and I thought it was this game messing with me lol. Love the visuals too, looking forward to the next game!

Super cool video game concept! I used to watch evil rom hack videos and this reminds me of those lol, loved the nostalgia. Also your page looks awsome!

Hey! Hope you don't mind that I made this vid, thank you for watching the stream when I played this! Was super cool of you to stop by. Looking forward to your next project! Loved the concept.

Jimmy HAD a gift! He was too silly. Enjoyed this experience, hope you don't mind that I made this vid!

Hey! Great game, loved the music and the graphics! Even beat rush mode! Looking forward to updates if possible, want more!

Super cool game! Looking forward to updates or the next project! *spoilers* I liked the eel boss fights.

Cool game! Love the voice acting, caught me off guard lol. 

Was fun, got all 3 endings! Don't want to spoil the coolest ending, but it frazzled me. Nice short and sweet, looking forward to the next game!

Super cool! Love the graphics and affects. Love the aesthetic you have on this page! Looking forward to more games you make.

Great game! I somehow got through it on my first try, was at 1hp for half of it and managed to win! Love the concept, please continue updating this! Great game.

Scariest part was the fact we ordered 3 pineapple pizzas lol. Wasn't expecting that ending, thank you for making this! 

Enjoyed this little experience, *spoilers* felt bad for blasting the dude lol. I felt like I was on .... the OTHER SIDE.