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Personally, out of all the mistresses, Yuki is my favourite so far because of her happy looks and her dehumanisation. I was wondering if the last test is already in the game or not, and if you are going to add any more puppy play for her anytime soon. I would love to see some stuff like for example you have to spend a night in her room in that dog cage and she does all sorts of stuff to you or you could like fondle her breasts etc. 

Also I have noticed there are no physics like you can't touch the mistresses boobs or like their skirts or anything, if you add that I think that there would have to be a punishment if you touch them without them telling you to, so it makes sure they are in control and you feel like you are in their sets and limits of the rules. 

Whenever i try to research any further things, it says that I need to own the full game on steam. does it mean that it is going to have all of those things when it's actually a full game. Or is it just a bug????

Nova Islands community · Created a new topic Update Idea

I think that for the next update you should allow us to upgrade the bots (eg: the fighter bot gets another gun) or you add new bots (like a doctor bot that heals you and other bots). You could also make a bot that can collect things and attack enemies. You obviously don't need to add these but I think it would be a good edition.