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  1. What was your prompt and how did you arrive with this particular visual style? 

    My prompt was "While spring cleaning, you come across something you had forgotten all about."

Well, I tried to make some nice looking things but I feel like I am not good at this yet.  So I decide to do some strange thinking and apply some weird idea on it. 

In this case, the player feels like he is inside some flesh-like dungeon, in which entrances and buttons are like bloody mouth, and the guard feels like some antibody/immunocyte which is in favor of doing some biological cleaning.

On the wall there are some statues just like previously trapped player, which reminds the player that he might forget that there are previous players who failed that they were caught to stay here receiving the torture just in front of you.

2 Most enjoyable part of working on the final project? Least enjoyable part? Which aspect do you wish you spent more time on? 

My most enjoyable part is when I was drawing the guard which is going to be a soft-body creature, and when it moves and climbs it feels like flowing his body procedurally sometimes.

My least enjoyable part is about the tiles... I still feel it kind of hard to find a tile style which could be useful & beautiful& fit the current art style idea at the same time.

I spent most of my time on the reworking of tiles to find proper matches.

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Halloween surprises:)


Baseball Guy

Hammer guy

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Normal walk

Scared back

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TV Exercise


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Sparky HW4

Poor drawn helmet gun...

Inspired by this gun invented in 1916

“helmet gun”的图片搜索结果

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HW3 Sparky

Sparky HW2

Yang Li (Sparky)

HW1 -- Yang Li (Sparky)


  1. introduce a moving octopus
  2. introduce a scouting submarine 
  3. The submarine has tracked down the octopus with sound wave.
  4. The submarine launches a torpedo.
  5. Octopus tries to eject ink to confuse the tracking torpedo.
  6. Torpedo still hit the octopus in its ass, but fails to detonate for not hitting anything hard.


  • 1-2: subject to subject
  • 2-3: subject to subject
  • 3-4: subject to subject
  • 4-5: subject to subject
  • 5-6: action to action 

Hope I would be using it

:) Keep tracking your progress

Very nice Ace Combat & HAWX feel~ Wish you can develop further in such system or probably sell the framework on asset store.

Suggest that it should be 2 players to play the android version