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Thank you!!

Thank you!

Cool game! Feel like it would be better if there's some punishment when the cat didn't land in the box. But overall I enjoy the game :D

lol, this is awesome, now I can't get the "LET'S GO!" out of my brain  :D 

Aww, I love it! Can't wait to see the finished game    三・ㅅ・三


Just because ❤️

Awesome game! A fascinating and immersive story. I started panicking with Iris when Audra's gone missing. Everything's well put together. Love the style of writing and nice choice of the title too ;)


Hi! I'm sorry, you can't :c . Our game is only available for Oculus Quest. If you do have an Oculus Quest, follow the install instruction and install the game using software such as SideQuest. I hope that answers your question! :D

so cute! love it <3

! I'll try that, thank you <3

I love it! it's a bit difficult at first but so satisfying when you get the hang of it. (also love the art and music!)

Nice! lol I lost it when it says:"It's out of print, it's just an 'er' now".  Also may I ask how did you create the application for mac? Did you make it on windows or on mac?


The Stencil type gets a little hard to read when it's tiny and fast, a san serif typefaces suggested. Overall really fun to play, reminds me of when we played the fake stock game on MarketWatch.

Beautiful! ; -;

This is soo cute !! love it.