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I'm in tears, this game... I have no words. Thank you for this terrible terrible gift

I can only get for some reason

This was really fun! Completed the whole thing in one sitting, and I'm currently messing around with the 16th ending's powers :D

Not sure why, but the game doesn't work for me! It opens to a glitchy screen and never goes beyond it.

    I couldn't get this on itch, but I did go to the website, download the zip, and play through almost all of it. I SO WANT TO DONATE, BUT I HAVE NO MONEY T_T I've played all the routes except Fritz's, but have only got the bad route for Karma. My favorite two routes BY FAR were Rod's and Waltz's. For once, I didn't mind the lack of NFSW in this visual novel, because the sotry was actually well-written and incredibly fun to explore. (Though now that I've experienced most of it, a sort of 'mod' or 'dlc' with NSFW similar to NekoJishi has would be appriciated. Maybe coming off a kickstarter or patreon?) It has comedy, an amazing concept with a good plot, and while it was a bit on the nose the main character had a nice arc and actualy developed as a person rather than being this static character that you see in so SO many visual novels. I am definitely rating this a 5/5 stars!

    Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed this, and the fact that it's free baffles me. As someone who couldn't pay to play it, I really appriciate the quality and love that was clearly put into this. If I ever get any funds online, there will definitely be a donation made!