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Here is a mockup:

At high framerates, key repeat will almost instantly wipe out a field when holding Backspace or Delete, or navigate the caret to the end of a field in a fraction of a second holding an arrow key. This doesn't seem to affect standard typing keys (Alphanumeric characters, brackets, etc.)

Yes. Sorry for any potential misunderstanding. To be completely clear, here is an example:

When Check Box/Progress Tasks contain multiple lines of text for their content, they are ellipsized. The only method to display that extra information is to open the Edit window. To  reduce the number of steps, maybe temporarily expand the Task (without changing collision with other Tasks) on solo selection/hover instead?

Currently, Note, Image, Sound, Timer and Map Tasks do not interact with nested Check Box/Progress Tasks. It would be helpful to at least have Note Tasks fit in for the sake of annotation.