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happy you like the game. Never heard of Oxyd. I guess I am too young to know these 🙂. Enjoy!

Hi Brian! Happy to report that I fixed it and you should be able to play it now.

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Sure thing! I totally forgot about the SDK change. I will release it later today probably.

Thanks and take care :)

thank you for the notice! I will see what I can do as soon as I can and release a fixed version :)

don’t forget to bring them to the black hole as well. Or spend a nice evening in Paris with them.

thank you. I will keep it free. Feel free to donate some money to a charity instead!

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Thank you a lot :) I am happy to hear it resonates well with you.

Very happy to hear. Feel free to leave a review :)

Glad you are enjoying my game. A (time) challenge mode and some added sound effects are on my todo list. 

Thank you :) I didn't know either but then I stumbled upon it in the documentation. I had to make a marble game then!

I’d consider it, sure. Not sure if I wanna share everything but I could imagine sharing the core of the game. If you are interested in any specifics of the game code, feel free to ask in the playdate Discord channel.

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Honestly I never planned on making money with it and there is a million better causes to donate money to.

Thank you so much. Happy you like the weight and handling.