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Looks awesome!

Solid game with hard puzzles.
would play again

had alot of fun with this one :D

Have noticed this as well. 
I'll dig into it and update when i find a solution. :)

hello, are you extracting GMXR from the .zip first? or running from inside the zip?

sure can!

its fully free to use in anything. just dont resell the exact source code, and we are all set!

<3 Thanks Askin!

Thanks for posting that! I will keep balancing the game, and releasing updates every few days!
The next one is already in progress, and should be released early this week!
your feedback has been extremely helpful, thanks!

Just got finished watching your video, thanks for posting it! I've taken several bits of feedback from it, and will be using it to improve version 0.3!

for example: the ground based enemy AI is being redone. (flying AI was redone in v0.2)

Keep an eye on this, as i plan to rapidly iterate based on feedback like yours!


A small update has been released, that solves some of the issues you pointed out, but not all of them.

next update will drop soon, as i work towards your feedback, and the feedback of others.

hey Jordan, Thanks for the detailed review!

The game def needs some polishing, but dont worry, your suggestions have been heard.

Ill be releasing a 2nd demo as soon as I can. Current goals include: Improve enemy AI, and overall balance the game a bit more.

really enjoy the idea of balancing heart drops based on the player's current health, ill get that implemented quickly.

Thanks! stay tuned for updates.

free to use for any project, personal or commercial .

Glad to hear it was useful :D

as long as it ends in .wav, you should be able to hit save. 

100% for sure!
It was made to be used :D

You are welcome :D Thanks for supporting it.

What happens when you try?

Glad to hear you got it working!

What is it doing? 
Is it giving you an error message? or just not producing sounds?

Thanks WanSou!

Glad you like it!

Really enjoyed this game. Congrats on completing the jam!

Very fun, unique gameplay system.

sure can :D

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I'm ready!

Fridge Sumo is a Fighter without an attack mechanic.