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I can't believe that such a simple concept can cause such fury and rage! LOL - I played it and had a good time, though I FEEL like I lost my goddamn mind towards the end - challenging gameplay and cool concept; a game I intend to continue to watch and play further once it is fully released!

Hey! Thanks for watching and thanks for the heads up! I'll definitely check it out! :D

Oh wow, that's incredible! I'm so glad to hear that! :D It really is a cool concept, so you definitely have a fan in me for a full game! Hoping to see much more of this in the future!

I found the game to be JUST frustrating enough to make me feel like I really had been thrown into a late-90's, clandestine government organization tasked to find kek-peddling hackers though the interwebs with next to no training. Humorous little parts evoked a weird mixture of both nostalgia and cringe (aka dial-up modems, cheesy HTML websites)- just the way I remember it! Looking forward to more!

This game is fantastic! Definitely has a Binding of Issac feel to it, but by no means a clone, TONS of new and inventive gameplay to wreck the nerves of even the most seasoned roguelike player. Tons of items and enemies gives this superb replayability. BTW, this is a pretty dark game! Will little Emma find out what happened to her little brother, or just lose her goddamn MIND?!

Interesting gameplay mixed with tense moments - becomes frustrating at times, but only in the "trial-and-error-this-is-a-roguelike-suck-it-up" kinda way. Very satisfying to figure out the patterns and get away with all the loot ;)

An interesting game, gotta think outside the box! Not bad for the short amount of time they had to make it!