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Thank you for the work, care, and vision put into Shrine! There's something about your game that gives me the feeling of when a tool fits just so in my hand.

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Haven't had a chance to sit with it and absorb yet, but wow my first read-through was intensely cathartic. The Four Truths alone are incredible. If you are a player drawn to the fantasy of wielding abilities to fiercely protect the vulnerable, welcome home. 

One of my 3 favorite games that I played in 2022!

This game puts a fresh spin on playing with fantasies about care and service-as-artistry. The "farewell" phase of play is a thoughtful push to explore how hospitality changes providers as well as recipients. 

Great for a hanafuda fusion deck, as the cards are used to determine seasons (among other things that pull on the European card values). I can't wait to play again!

Slice of life/unlife mini games. I loved starting with the Craigslist ad, what a fun way to set up who my character is and how necromancy works in his world. The prompts support non-European necromantic traditions, and I'm already scheming a Tientsin Mystic run.

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I got this in the Trans Rights in Texas bundle. I really appreciated how the game is designed for a light cognitive load that left my tired brain free to go places with the prompts. I played with a hanafuda deck divided into 4 seasons. My witch spent the winter in the forest village of Fear No Wolf, where she healed a badger who later saved her during a blizzard. In spring she moved to the grasslands, to Jonton where the homes don't all exist at once and everyone is named John. To my great surprise, in the summer she found her forever home in a nameless mountain village, where she was welcomed with a designated spot in the community cheese cave. A wonderful experience.

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My eyes thank you for having a version with larger print; my heart thanks you for signing as a method for testing. I enjoyed the unfussy ritual of stirring my salted water, gathering my books, finding my words, and testing my spell. Such a sense of satisfaction when I found the word order that clicked! A lovely experience.

Found this treat in my Malayasian Flood Relief bundle. The table of occupations is so rich. I played as an affable diplomat in 16th-century Istanbul. Court intrigue galore! Excited to play more of this.

Thank you, excellent advice. Just prepping for this game has been nourishing! What a wonderful and healing thing you've put into the world.

First of all, thank you for the incredible work put into this beautiful game. I'm considering a Haeth where I can wander in my indigenous heritage, and I have a question about Sprawling Natures. Densely populated permanent settlements were unusual for us -- is there another aspect to sprawling that I should keep in mind? (This can wait until after the crowdfunding campaign for Yazeba's Bed and Breakfast, I know you've got your hands full.)

LOVE that there's a win condition but no lose condition -- fittingly boy band!

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Bought this for the dhaba -- full paisa vasool, something too long missing from TTRPGs. Unexpected bonus: we lost my dad's best fishing buddy last year, and the spincaster is a beautiful way for me to bring their time together into my own stories.

Having community new year's celebrations cancelled in 2020 is a milestone that gets overlooked in mainstream COVID timelines -- great choice for framing this game! I miss my popo so much, can't wait to spend more time with nainai.

This was a gorgeous, incredibly meaningful experience as I explore how I want to bring my kanaka heritage to the table. Mahalo!

This game helped me find my breath and reconnect with the joy of language at an incredibly difficult time. Mahalo!

Playing this at a con last year was the first time I truly understood what it is to play a game with my whole entire self. You've create something beautiful and solid and lasting.

This game came into my life a few hours before I got word that one of my uncles died. Thank you for understanding how awesome aunties are, for embracing their foibles with warmth and gusto. Thank you for Gossip and Purse. Thank you for giving me +1 forward on a hard day.