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I have no idea what I just played but that was great

ye something like that. Hope you find a fun silly gender !

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Yeah that's sort of the point. Gender has meaning but for me and a lot of others that meaning changes depending on context. In this context specifically it's kind of being thought of as an intimate definition of self, not so much just what literal gender you are or whatever. Although honestly it was just me and some friends having fun thinking of different things that could be somewhat considered a "gender."

What don't you understand?

Love it! The design of it all is great. Although I do find it a little difficult to read all of the text.

It feels weird to comment on something that was published awhile ago, but I just had to. This was so cute to play! I loved it.

All the dialogue was so well written, and you could really feel that these are actual characters who have relationships that extend past the short while that you get to see them.

Lovely stuff. Thank you for making this.

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Oh man this was a fun surprise to see on my dashboard! That was so good. Simple yet full of energy and flavour. Great stuff!

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that was beautiful. This was my first real experience with a fully digital zine and it has set the bar very high.

Thanks a lot!

interesting! that's a fair enough reason as any I suppose

Thanks so much! Glad you approve

thanks a lot !

this is such a great template and design! I made a character journal for the Lost Bay ttrpg using it!

looks like a fun game! but I have to ask, why is the Jareth the Goblin King on the cover?

Hell yeah! Glad you both enjoyed!

No worries, it's totally okay! Like I said, alternative versions are always an option if you want to contribute. 

Hello! Thank you for your interest in the scissors and glue jam. 

It seems that the entries you submitted have been made digitally, which is not the goal of this jam. All entries should be made without the use of digital design software. If you were to make alternate versions of your entries, using only analog techniques, it would fit right in! But at the moment I'm not sure if they fit the criteria.

thank you so much!

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thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it

oooooo, your first ttrpg! Good luck! 

Love it! Just the sort of weird autumnal vibes I was looking for this October

ooooooooooo I love them ! this is exactly the sort of thing I crave more of

great, funky stuff !

very cool freeware! love the aesthetic

have run into one issue tho, I'm using this on a mac and for some reason whenever I attempt to type "e" in the text editor my computer acts as if I've pressed "fn" as well as "e."

Any idea as to what I could do to make the text feature usable?

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used this as a basis for my first time DMing, and it was a blast! Tito ended up becoming a kobold folklorist with a poorly disguised foot fetish and I would honestly not have it any other way.

This supplement is chock full of fun NPCs, interesting story hooks, and inspiring ideas!

this solo ttrpg is very well designed and simply drips with personality. The vibes are immaculate and very fun. Reminds me of the Green Knight !

thanks !

thanks for the quick reply! it's been posted

Just played through my first session of this and was inspired to make a hack/reimagining of it using tarot cards. Would you have any qualms about me making it available for download? (with credit to you and Takuma, ofc)

I love the lil car ad (??) at the bottom, really adds to the aesthetic that this is really just a completely normal newspaper, with no weirdness whatsoever

yeah I can't find it either