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I got my very first errors in version 0.1.9

I tried to go on a derelict ship and well...

I hope the final version lets you buy dispensers with different foods, I don't care about biscuits.

I have exactly that problem (except in my game it isn't called the Gemm sector.)

By alternately rotating the ship in the system map and re-aligning the RamScoop I have found a way to put my ship into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE.

I think Nami would be a good one; her personality is pretty distinct from the girls already in the game, orange hair would also set her apart from the other girls, she has tons of different outfits that she wears in the show/manga so Akabur would have no shortage of wardrobe customization ideas, and none of the girls are from any eastern media yet so that would be another way she adds to the diversity of the crew.

What a delightful main character, will she be making an appearance in Spiral Clicker?

When Yahzee said he would be making 12 games in one year, I don't know why but I wasn't expecting any of them to be rage games.

Hint: you will probably have to move a little.