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i鈥檓 sure i will! Not that you need it but good luck, you gotst a lotta hard work ahead

very excited as well :3 looking forward to what a goddess鈥檚 ideal date looks like 馃憖 i may have to take notes, cos not everyone鈥檚 got game like Yura lmao

i loved it! Quite retro, as always, and very glad Jules Heart made a reappearance. He's just so darling

ooooooof the corpse pit. Bad memory but a good band name lol. But yeah corpse pit or no i think you were extremely successful in the edge department for this one. i felt extremely disconcerted by the subject matter and imagery. Despite their simplicity the death scenes and their descriptions were super gruesome, yet the art was still super cute. It just felt WRONG, like they shouldn鈥檛 work together but they totally did ;3 so Game Jam successful 

dope as f8ck

AAAHHHH I LOVE IT. that was so dark compared to your last adventure i love it. Very macabre. i liked the time loop explanation, very reminiscent of Sophia? by Hatoge. Great Job once again dudette :3

i loved it but that one hurt ;3 good game duder. a very simple but realistic depiction of social isolation

well if it isn't literally my two favorite developers gushing over each other's games lol. it's too cute seeing literally the most talented itch devs impress each other :3

this game was COMPLETELY ENGROSSING! the art is what initially drew me in, bc it looked so cute. but the story... was so AWESOMELY GROTESQUE AND SOMBER. truly a little masterpiece :3

no prob, it was a real gud game. i like forward to your future endeavors ;3

i loved every second of this, it was EXCEEDINGLY cute. if it were anymore adorable my eyes would bleed due to the excess cuteness. The style was cozy, and the combat and music was divine, i  loved this. i can see why Kathinka gave u the Thumbs up.  ALSO IS THIS  YOUR FIRST ITS SO GOOD.  i had to play again to get every ending, but shy frog was by far the best. have a nice day, thank u for the game. i'll make sure to tell all my friends to play it

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my new discord pfp ;3, congrats! (and on the 2,500+ plays too i guess… /j)

loved it. i think the flowers were just a tad TOO thirsty tho ;3

got out of my pot to play this, THANK YOU FOR THIS ADORABLE GAME!!!!!!! ;3

gud game, i thoroughly enjoyed it =3

Fan-effing-tastic ;3 i really enjoyed the simple story and style, and all of the characters are just too cute, especially Abel, with the two different colored eyes. Thx for the dope new game!

No prob! The washitape looked dope. And now my uneducated arse knows what to call it, instead of just saying 鈥渢he pretty letters and paper and schtuff in her hair!鈥 

AAAHHH I love the collage-y art style it鈥檚 so cute seeing snippets of text on the walls and in YURA鈥檚 hair. This game was very fun and cozy, a little masterpiece. Thx for making it ;3

i really liked the pacing and ambience. thank you for crafting this creepy little delight of an experience! :3

Oof, i鈥檓 glad you could understand me despite my gross typos lol. (it was VERY late) You play keys, and you鈥檙e a deer… hmm sounds familiar… But that鈥檚 VERY cool, color me impressed, being musically gifted and making games. Very cool, but yeah, it was magical, it made my my day. Thx for being an awesome human! 

also, another things. Some of those flashback options hot WAY too close to him. (Which was prolly the intended effect) Do you play bass? Because that one option for someone you admire being the bassist of an obscure band hit the nail right on the head. 

i will carry this game and every character (but especially Natalie) in my heart forever, and no matter how hard i get bonked on the nog after dying and going to purgatory, i won't forget playing this ;')


i need to play this game in its entirety, or i will die, and you will be charged with murder doc

beautifully crafted again. also, music is BANGING. i am slowly becoming your biggest fan dude

owie. this one hurt dawg. it might just be that i am playing it at 4:51 am and i am tripping, but this kinda made me want to cry, but not in a bad way. i was never a connoisseur of early 2000's tumblr, but i heavily relate to this game on an emotional level. i found it to be a very deep, and astute representation of a slowly decayed internet friendship, and the numbness and dissatisfaction found therein. Also, its just relatable  for all humans. Sometimes rather than loving others, we want to get lost in them. We want to smother our own doubts and troubles and insecurities by seeing them and BEING seen by them, or at least feeling like you are. We make friendships into fortresses shielding us from the real world. Not many people are brave enough to deal with reality, but this game took it head on (a little ironic i know cause its a game) and highlighted some harsh truths in a beautiful and hollistic fashion. Good a$$ game

indie game devs + indie bands= YES DUDE! this was a fantastic play, the usage of the guitar as audio was so creative and really went with the theme of a downward spiral and panic attacks. This game was so wholesome, and you know i am def gonna check out this band. Cheers, and thank you for the bootiful game! your work has never disappointed me so far, so dont screw up/j

cute, i love it! the fight music in the background slams as well

fantastic, fun game and mint is just so lovable, even in spite of his dietary restrictions ;)

got it! Thx for the prompt reply

i like it. is there supposed to be sound?

holy sh*t dude, your games are so good and under rated. just played quiet us as well, i am falling in love with your style

damn, that game was simplistic but beautiful. the sparse was audio was actually so good. The simplicity of the game had me underwhelmed at first, but was just lulling into a false sense of security. In other words, this was not fun to play alone at night jk. had the hair on my arms standing up. Also, i loved the character design. Reminds me of my quarantine self, accept actually aesthetically pleasing. But good work, patcherself on the back