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That was amazing. Love the atmosphere, everything looks so cool. I loved the drill from The Other Side, but this was even cooler! Keep up the great work.

The scariest part was that I didn't flush

Pretty neat game, lost the scariness once it become so strange though. 6/10

Very impressive game, love point & clicks and this was quite spooky. Loved the mechanic of the pills!

This is by far the most revolutionary video game of all time. I do believe no game can ever surpass the immense power of this amazing, mind blowing experience. I cried four times while playing this. 10 Fruits out of 10

i like the part with the balls :)

(Minor Spoilers) Played this game with my sister, was really impressively made, especially for your first! We liked trying to understand what the guy was saying so we'd know what was about to drop... And it's really well done for when the "???" object falls down, because we picked it up, and we're aimlessly scanning around the room for where it got placed, and then the jumpscare made my sister scream. 10/10 Loved it!

But what happens if the bar turns PINK?

Also might I just add this game has the most bumpin' tutorial I've ever heard.

This is absolutely amazing. I've been wanting something like parappa, since I never actually played the game... I've played a lot of FNF, so it wasn't hard to get used to it... But I just gotta say I love the art style, the music, and I love how the songs are also cutscenes like parappa. Amazing game, I cannot WAIT for more.

Ah, okay thanks!

Oh, that's awesome! Take as much time as you need, I'm just glad there's more to come!

I was trying to get to 100, I was on 59 with 2 hearts left, and I got to the "Use Your Shield" game... But it fired a laser from each corner of the screen, at the exact same time, that was going way too fast to possibly dodge... Was this a glitch, or is it just a troll?

3rd try, I got 3rd place on the leaderboards! Neat game, reminds me of strange, silly games like Start The Party.

I need more. Are there any games like this? It's like a typing rhythm game, and I love it. I've already beaten it like 4 times, I want more. I need more. GIVE ME MORE. (PS: Is there any way to restart without having to go through the whole game? I'm trying to beat it without any mistakes, but I even tried deleting and re-installing the game, but it just puts me back where I was.)

I love the extras, showing you which endings you missed, and also the faster mop which is a really nice touch. The jumpscares were good, the phone calls were funny, I just wish at the "Very Dead" ending, he'd say something like "You did a good job cleaning, but you left a corpse in the middle of the hallway, I'll have to deduct that from your paycheck".

Reminds me of "Birds and Beans" on the DSI.

I mean, if I got an extra spoon yeah.

I have been inputting the Konami Code on random games for probably years now just hoping to find secrets... Glad to see it actually did something here! :)

The "I can make you shake" part is kinda dumb because it'll move you left or right when you're moving up or down, or vise versa, which makes it almost impossible to get through the small tunnels, but other than that good game!

Yep! That fixed it, awesome

Huh, okay thanks I'll have to try that

It won't load ._.