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inside each of us is a battle between two grandmas. who wins? probably the one with a +3 in feisty, but you never know.

10/10, would retire again

Tannic is pure magic. 19 out of 10. Would run again in a heartbeat.

The festival encounters had us in stitches, and the bittersweet finale in the oubliette, which we resolved without combat, was a GMing experience I'll never forget.

Thank you, Amanda P.

Hall of the Dwarven King is my Sunday crossword puzzle—just me, a cup of coffee, and the clatter of dice. Many, many thumbs up. A true delight.

CURSE YOU, ELEMENTAL MARKET! he shouted at his ceiling, alone.

Tower of Mages and Hall of the Dwarven King are brilliant fun. Highly recommend. I had to print both on laminated paper to save from destroying rainforests with how often I play these two games.

Artefact is the genuine artifact. Never has a game left me so inspired to create and so willing to trust where my imagination will take me next. What a treasure. Thank you.

Wickedly fun game. I can't get over how simple and rewarding (and punishing) it is. You've made something very special here. Thank you for sharing! Have you or anyone else experimented with making this multiplayer?

oh my god here please take my whole sunday afternoon. i love you, sword frog. 12/10 would marry.