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call of booty: modern whorefare 2

it's been so long

i think it's been in pre alpha for at least a year, so maybe bring it into alpha?


please add this to steam

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feels like team fortress 2 (in the updates sense)

i can't buy, but it reminds me of last stand: union city!

it's okay i guess PERFECTO.

i achieved orbit

they look kinda weird, can you add an option to get the older ones?

how do i use multiplayer, i saw the thing in devlogs, and i have hamachi

has there been any updates while i was doing other things?

Evolvedustry community · Created a new topic im stuck

i cant get my copper in the furnace and im really new i think you should add a tutorial

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i had great fun with a FAL,P250, pipe, coach shotgun, famas, mauser, revolver, and STG 44. i rate this 10/10. i made it all the way to hard before i died. and i was playing on open alpha. very fun S tier triple A title 10/10 5 stars.

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if it's under $5, i can afford it but if it's above that, i'm in danger

i'm also redownloading to play for myself

can't wait for the steam release, will it be free

mattshea is streaming here if not, then it WAS streaming

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the multiplayer didn't work when i wanted to play with someone i know, i didn't know my server IP but i memorized my port and later i deleted the game

is it free