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I was wondering if you made a boomerang with proper 'boomerang-physics'

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Check out this video I found:

I do not own this video, game or other content: I just thought it was cool/funny and wanted to share it with you guys!

Hey WinterDrake, I was wondering if you re you the only dev or do you work with a team?

Have you thought of implementing boss-fights? Maybe at the end of every 'dungeon' there is a stronger type of enemy that drops a special item (iron sledgehammer, boomerang (<?!) and more)... I would also be happy with at least one final boss, that would give a feeling of conclusion I think

Although the game is very short, at least the demo is, I really enjoyed the mechanics! Especially the fire mechanic and the monster that drops a cool item were the things that fiscinated me! Can you implement more of the latter in v.2? Maybe this can be beneficial for possible boss-fights? Anyway keep it up and I am looking forward to upcoming versions