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Thank you for commenting and taking the time to play my game :)

I wanted to try it again live, so here's the link if you're curious :

I played the game live, if you're curious!

So basically that kind of game totally works on me haha.

The only thing is that the early game gets a bit boring toward the end, but that's not really problematic.

That's really sad your webgl build failed :(, it's a great game!

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I played the game live, if you're curious!

It was fun, just, I see how some people feel it's too hard, depending on the start you feel overwhelmed.

But it's hard to balance in a jam haha.

It took me quite a time to get to the machinegun and if I wasn't in live, I'd play more, but I had to go to the next game :p.

Well done!

Haha, yeah the sound desing help a lot, I did polish it as much as I wanted, thanks for playing ^^

Be careful, a lot of people started to hate you/kill you :c.

Oh yeah yeah, to be clear too I like these games!

I just wanted to NOT do that :D.

In the end, we just agree with each other haha, thanks again!

No worry, you're not the only one!


I agree that discovering is part of the fun, but in jam, with so many games to play, you don't always have the time to go too deep into understanding the game :p.

I'm happy that there are some people that get enough hooked to take the time to understand ^^.


Yeah I really wanted to not make an idle game even if it looks a bit too much like it :p.

Thanks for the comment/playing :)

There's actually a pause button (P), it's written in the description but it seems I should have added that information in the quests haha.

Thanks for the comment

I added a lot of content, but not that much of polish, choices were made :p.

Thanks for playing it.

Poor Billy, but for whatever reason, it seems there's an infinite version of small Billy to come back :D.

Thanks for the compliment.

Yeah I agree, at least one screenshot with just some information would have helped to understand the game, it's always hard to know how difficult it is to read your game haha.

I really wanted it to be about choice and not just an idle game where you click everywhere and don't care, I'm happy with the concept and realization!

I totally agree, with the game going, it becomes hard to read everything correctly, and yeah, no time to fix haha.

Thanks for playing and I'm happy that you get a bit hooked ^^.

Jankyness of physics into a small none repetitive puzzle, count me in!

I even replayed the game again just to test something, a must try for everyone :)

Happy to know you gave it a second playthrough!

If I had more time, I'd have made multiple levels to introduce the mechanism, because yeah, the first one is though.

Thanks for the feedback!

Damn theses levels are big :o.

The jump mechanism need a bit more of polish but every mechanism are there for us to enjoy the game.

I firstly was stuck at the right side of the map after pushing the button so I restarted the game :D, I guess I didn't grow enough :p.

Let's go get a burrito :D.

Was a fun little experience, I'm sure you had a lot of fun writing all the BEEPING dialogue :D (and I didn't see all of it obviously).

Well done, but now, I'm perfect :D.

Sadness we can't play the exe (I tried and yeah, it's missing a file :().

So I anyway played the web version, I was wondering what was the point too, until I actually get my final planet.

Like, it felt like a complete experience, surely not a game I'll play for hours, but, just you know, a complete game jam game that is its own experience.

So yeah, well done!

Smart move, we can't exit the game using the exit button, "you never leave!" :D.

A lot of different weapon for a jam :o.

At first at level 6 I was wondering why they were still spawning even if I destroyed every building, but I didn't zoom out so I wasn't seeing all of them huhu.

The rock (first weapon) is a bit weird to hit things tho so pro tip, use deadly tree :D.

I had fun, well done!

Good comment by MrRan!

One thing that would make it a bit better I guess is that you show before the rabbit move where he'll go, like an arrow or something, that way you can plan a bit how to move around them!

At first I didn't get you could shoot and I was judt dodging, I saw the "dead rabbits" at the top and went in a killing spree after pressing space haha.

Was fun, well done!

The sound work is nice and funny, the atmosphere is as nice.

The jump is not perfect, a bit too heavy/slow, I don't know for sure, but maybe that's what you said about the gravity?
Nothing that ruins everything surely as RainyDay said, it's just the only thing that feels that needs a bit more work ^^.

Well done!

I agree with Indierama, the visual are really nice but the endgame message is a bit depressing haha. I wasn't ready for that :D.

Well done!

Played it a saw the description about the mouse bug a bit late, but I got that you could just don't move too fast your mouse to control your ghost ^^.

There's obviously missing some part, I'd be very curious what your base concept would have become if you had the 2 days!

The atmosphere is already here and well made, so yeah well done for a one-day game!

I didn't get at first I had to chop things (it didn't take long, but I was ??? for 5-10 seconds :p )

I'm pretty sure you can expand for not too much work, just to have some challenge/maps, like "have 5 houses", the base idea/concept is here and working!

But maybe you wanted a non-challenging experience, and that's equally good ^^.

Well done!

Grown by feeding him, a lot :D.

I guess one of the ending needs you to put a lot of love into Tiky, but 200 is not enough valuable, just eat that 1500 car :D.

The explosion surprised me, I thought I killed tiky at first :D.

Was a fun little game, well done!

The cactus circle of life :D.

The game is kinda easy but that way you can appreciate the effort of all the towers/possibilities put into the small amount of time a jam gives!

I couldn't make the gold tower works? Maybe I made the towers a bit late, I don't know!

The idea of growing towers in 2 parts is nice, the only real gameplay missing imo is to be able to switch attacks on towers, I made my first attack towers to the right and couldn't test everything as I wanted :p.

Well done!

The idea is nice, I didn't understand I needed to protect the bubble from others at first avan if I read the description, me slow sometimes :D.

But after that, it kinda had that strategic part that add more fun, well done!

I was curious to test someone else that did a management/strategic game.

Empire size of 141, my people revolted, again :D.

I'm not sure how I can manage the food of a house surrounded by other houses, but other than that it seemed to work perfectly.

A little more description on how the game work would help and using wasd/arrow to move would have felt better than the mouse auto-moving the camera I guess!

Anyway, well done!

Thanks for playing!

Billy is surely wanting too much energy for you :p.

Thanks for billy then :D.
The game was a bit too hard, I simplified it a bit so you don't need too hard concentration/juggling, still, well done!

Yeah, I realized zoomed out was kinda annoying to play but didn't find any fast solution haha.

I guess different information depending of the zoom would have been possible :/, but I wasn't sure how exactly.

Thanks for playing :)

Haha, indeed :D

Same as trasfacsam, my only issue was the spikes :D.

Finished the game, the flow is nice, well done :)

Be careful with your wish, huhu.

Nice little game, short and I laughed haha.

Thanks for the game and well done :D

The feeling of getting stronger is great, shooting faster and faster!

It's a bit weird tho how the game end when you die, I thought it bugged :D, missing a menu to restart I guess ^^.

Well done!

Ah damn, I thought the description was clear enough >_< :

Billy uses energy

Crops use energy

Tiles give you more energy

Growing crops cost more energy to stay alive, but rewards more resources.

Thanks for hard trying tho ^^, I added the hint system in the end for people that want to understand the game better, dunno if that really helps haha.