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I tried really hard to have everything else than bullets rotate, the wall level rotating but the bullets. And then after 2 hours, "what if it's the opposite", and voila! Orbital defense :D

Well done everyone! The community is awesome!

Sadly there's no web version for this game because it's really really nice! I tried to find a TD and didn't find anything interesting to play, happy to see others that had such great ideas!

I really had fun discovering it but I find a nearly optimal spot that doesn't need me to move (or really rarely), I'm more than 900 seconds right now and losing one life every 60 seconds I guess :D. Ruining my game :p.

The base idea is nice and well implemented. I'd be happy to see more of this game, with turret building and more maze shape and ennemies! If one day you decide to push further this game, don't hesitate to pm me!

But as others I agree, early on it's too aggressive you don't know what to do and the red things on tress shouldn't have been red, but that's details.

Yeah I wanted to have some new trach for harder levels, but well, find new track + add them, didn't find the time :D.

Thanks for the test and comment :).

Damn I think you're the first one not liking the music haha. Thanks for the test and comment :).

The indicator was in my todolist, but, well, didn't make it :D.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hmm that's weird, all the bonus are hard coded and there's no 20% shoot, there's a 20% double shoot and 10% shoot respawn (that one is weird but dunno how to call it, basically, each bullet that touch an ennemy as X% to respawn).

Thanks for the test and the comment, I'm actually working on pushing it a little more to see if it still works great out of game jam!

Tested it, so, to be honest, I always hated that kind of games :p. But, the idea is really well made, the rotation is really pleasant to make, the firsts item are easy to find so you can test how everything works.

I won't push the gameplay that much, because, well, not my type of game, but that's nice to have a story, some dialog (a bit goofy!).

Really everything is nice and has a good feeling! Congratz!

Don't know what to chose for the jam, just make all the games! :D

Really clever idea, just the transition animations are wayyyyy too fast! But yeah, that's a cool idea that could be even more developped but the core concept is there!

Really nice little game, a bit hard to control when it becomes big, and what a nice suprise to see that bear :D.

Couldn't make it, tryed 3 times and died 2 times missing 1 animal to get my gold :'(.

I really liked the game, nicely fit with the theme, good job :).

The darkest game that I played (and I played more than 50 of them), the atmosphere is really nice and obviously the rotating puzzle part is perfectly in the theme. Another game with a nice personnality/personnal touch!

Well done on this!

Ah I did this too in my game but realised before it was too late ^^!

Yeah I know but I have multiple computer and having multiple keybinding in windows made things weird where one setup changed the other computer (and my wife wasn't happy that tada, your key binding changed, and vice versa!). Maybe there's a solution for that but I didn't bother, just removed the other keyboard types :p.

A bit hard to play with my azerty keyboard (if you can, make the arrows working too, for guys like me :p).

But! I got the principle and that's a nice idea, that seems to be a pretty difficult game! It already has quite a lot of nice polish that make the game feel already nice. Obvisouly, with more time, there would be more.

I saw it on the discord and was already curious of what it would be, so, yeah, I guess, good idea that fit perfectly the theme!

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The game is nice, the jump is a bit buggy, it's better to jump then move than jump when moving.

I'd love that the level was a bit shorter, damn, I wanted to finish at least the first level but dying too far made me rajkit :D.

I really like it tho, a funny experience in the them, good job!

I tryed for too long to find an "non action" game and finally this idea came in, happy that it worked! Thanks for the comment and the test!

I was afraid after submitting that the game would be either way too easy or too hard, it seems it does the job done and that makes me happy! Thanks for the comment and the test!

I feel like this game just pooped in my mouth :(.

And after that, okay, I understood and played the game I M SORRY.

I didn't try all the ending but that was a fun experience :D. Congratz!

I know it's too late and during the jam that may have been too long to implement. But maybe just fade in the red things when you unselected it, have the shadow but if you missread it, the game actually tells you! (Well, it already tells you with the number of piece top :p)

I like to just launch myself in the game THEN read the instructions when I'm lost. Here I was like "hu, what can I do", saw the counter, realized that when I moved something it got higher... And the understood how to play :p.

1:30 for the hard level, sadly I can't watch my end maze, there's some problem with positionning I think, I could finish using the counter, but for exemple this :

It seems not in the right place but the game consider it is :(.

I don't know if you tried it, but instead of the shadow things, make it a bit redish when ti's wrong? Easier to grab/guess, some texture are hard I think.

Nice little game, good little puzzle, with a bit more of polish and pushed a little, yeah that would be a nice phone game to have to pass time!

Oh my bad, I didn't think of using that, that seems obvious sorry! Yeah so my only concern is removed :D

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That's one of the few game that I tested that made me laugh, "the boost" he says :D. I guess that bunny should stop eating theses carrots.

Mecanically I'd be happy to be able to launch the boost myself too, and I'm pretty I'd smash that button. But other than that it works  pretty well. Well done!

So i tested it this time and got stuck with my head on a flag (I guess it was level 3), maybe my character didn't turn?

I'm still not sure how I should have play it but maybe I'm too dizzy playing too much rotation game, congrats anyway :).

The idea is nice but I don't know how people could play until more than 3 laps, damn I get dizzy too fast :D.

One more time, a good game using nice combinaisons of little things, congrats!

Everything feel smooth and use the good old plumber game, i didn't think of this game when brainstorming haha.

The music is nice, but I can't stand the sound effect so I had to mute the game sadly! The game is already hard enough, not sure you need to add a time limit at all.

Nice execution overall!

Nice little twist for having to fall on things to break theme, just not rotate to dodge things, but use it to break things.

I would prefer the control to be the right/left arrow (or a/d - q/d, because having to go fast between right and left to have the right timing with the mouse doesn't feel great for me :/. It needs obviously a bit more work but it gets the job done and is in the theme :).

The music is way out of the game for me :(. I had to only break one too and it continued. But well, we all know how hard to test things in jam + making content, so congrats!

It's a bit hard to know where you're walking but the idea is here and working and is in the theme. And that little twist of having to rotate between the cailing and the floor is a nice touch :).


Oh clever idea! Poor animals getting shoot at :p.

I didn't understand at the beginning but after the first animal falling I got it, and yeah, again, clever idea to roatet them using other controllers.

I'd use a button to make everything a bit faster because it's a bit too slow (I don't want to imagine how long it'd take to finish the whole level we see in the screen :D).

Well done!

Dunno why, my windows defender didn't like it :(.

Yey I won, I thought at first I had to dodge theses things, but no, you can go full speed in them :D.

The 3rd level is really hard and I think I just got lucky, had fun trying speedrunning the second level going from the first to the second. The whole game is pleasant to play and completly in the theme, well done!

The build worked on my windows!

So it works great, a bit of polishing (could have been a bit more with shake on kills but we all know the time problem in game jam huhu).

The red/green/blue/white ! mark hurts a bit, I'd remove and let it be just white.

The game is quite easy with this attack speed but it works without any problem, I went with 200+ more points and stopped the game, dunno if it gets even ahrder after!

Except the !, visually it was cohisive!


You didn't know about this

(disable compression)

I tested the windows version then, only one ship didn't appear and the score didn't work :(? Maybe I'm missing something?

But the main gameplay works so congrats!

You sadly have this problem on the web game :

(disable compression)

So I downloaded the win game and tested it, red ring can't be moved, got it, but the fact that the bigger one can't be moved too is a bit weird at first. That litterraly rthe first thing i've done, trying to move it!

I'd remove the timer thing and just let people click play when they think they are ready, because like this damn, I find it wayyy too hard :p. But I guess with a bit of training I would be better.

The physics of the yellow liquid is nice, and it's pretty well in the theme!

Was fun, a bit hard to play for me because you didn't wired the arrow and I have an azerty keyboard, so, well ^^'. But I could test it and it's smooth and this new graphics by kenney are so cute, no wonder a lot of games used them.

But here we have a bee with a gun! :D

6890, that teleported me back to kongregate times :D.

Had fun playing the game and it's polished enough to have a good game feel, well done!

Well depending of the upgrade and what you want to do, the "a" key permanent rotation is enough yeah ^^'. Hard to balance everything during a jam!

Happy that you enjoyed it and thanks for the comment!

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I tested it again to have it in head! I'm not an artist just giving my 2 cents!

The round around the arrow in the middle is way too flashy comapred to the rest of the game and there's no correlation between the color and the arrow.

The bullets are all the same but different colors, you could have just add something at the impact that would be a bit different to get what it's doing.

Same for the ennemies, a bit of variation would have been good (and animation when dying).

Not everything is bad! I liked the fact that you showed when the towers have the bonus, but by example, you could have push it a little further and make the shot bigger! Having different towers in a game jam is nice, it's hard to have everything after only 48h!

It's just small polish here and there that make the game feel a bit better, nothing ruining the gameplay tho!

Sad that you weren't on time for the kenney jam.

I tested it, the idea is nice, the tutorial like first levels is good, not boring so you get the concepts.

But maybe we shouldn't have life (or only life by level), because in the game you can learn by doing dumb things but you're punished later. I died against a brown things on the ground and the game restarted!

Anyway, well done!

Original idea, the rotation is part of the gameplay, it's not just rotating to rotate, you have to do it to win the game.  For that kind of game that's a neat implication of the theme!

My only (small) complain would be for azerty users like me, I don't know how hard it is for you to make the arrow works as the base movement. I know the E key would be far but I prefer this than changing my layout or doing some weird movement with my fingers haha.

Not a real problem but if the next jam you can have it too, people like me would be happy I guess :D.

Haha fun idea, perfectly in the theme!

Just one bug that I encounter is that I had one guy that went locked on me and I couldn't fire anymore. It happened when I slowly pulled him. But for whatever reason I did a better score than when I did my run without that problem, theses guide are the best to suicide themself to save me <3.