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Gosh.. I can barely get past the green area. Fun game!


looks very cool

"your to late spider-man"

I love the blocky trees! reminds me of slime rancher!

lovely little birdy

great assets


when the art assets are sus

I like the hay and the apple

yum yum


It should

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this looks amazing! I know this is from three years ago... but I could really use some of your skills in one of my projects.. I always been failing my game projects as I cant do art of any kind.. I know you probably dont check comments anymore or dont have access to this account or maybe you just do not want to give out your skills anymore.. but it would be great if you can contact me on discord..

My discord username is- Quaffy#4759

have a great day :)

pretty neat little guy! I will use him in my game :D I will give your credit (ALSO PLEASE MAKE A BETTER MENU FOR YOUR GHOST ASSET. IT CANT SEE THE TEXT IM TYPING!!!! (maybe make it a black background so its better to see the white text))

something about watching 100 knights do the death animation on loop for a hour all in sync feels so... perfect

Oh wow this is amazing! perfect for my pixel art platformer where you are a cute cat knight..... I know it sounds like im being sarcastic but no! its perfect for a hidden area!

Amazing! very cute and silly! I will 100% buy the full pack if meow knight works well for my game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very cool! :)

hey so I am not the creator of this but you can very much so do so! When you add it to gamemaker studio 1 or 2 then click to the top of image button and then go down to edit image size i believe and on the bottom left of that new panel is the dimensions of the photo. so if you change that to 64 and 64 it will scale to that with the canvas as well! this may sound complex but if you really just read it and pay attention to what i said it should be fine! this is a bit late but i hope this helps!! 

thats why I am here!!

im way way to late to being here

I wanted to have a trap area section in my RPG game that did not really do anything like the undertale bridge section where tall skelly makes a bunch of traps come down and then they just go away... This fits this amazingly !!

very cool fits a rpg nicely!! I will use this in my game but edit it a bit to more match my color pallet of my game!! I will credit you! Keep up these amazing assets! 

this is insanely cool!! Space is so cool! Pixel art is so cool! and you just made both of those things better! So looking at the comments it looks like I can use it in my video game for the background and maybe underground (background on the floor) but i just want to make sure :

May I use this in my game im making? It may be shared publicly or just for my friends

Very Cool

this is very cool

Yo pretty sick


Very cool! Reminds me of a Brackys video I saw on game feel or making your game look good!

wow pretty cool

Very cool!!


I love this thing its so perfect and it moves so flowingly its amazing!

I came here by playing another game and wondering what other things this person made and then saw this game and remembered that danTDM played it and clicked it as soon as i saw it

uhh yeah uhh everyone knows it will come out when its #1 wishlisted on steam duh..... or 2069... wich ever happens first