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A game like this for only a few dollars is an absolute steal. You could be asking for much more so I appreciate how much work probably went into this game. I just hope the low price will bring a lot of people in to play your game because it needs to have many people playing it.

Created a new topic Steam release

Will you be thinking of releasing onto Steam some time in the future?

Created a new topic Donation

I'd like to give a little cash to you for this interesting game but I see no option for it.

Created a new topic Looks good

What you've shown of your game looks very promising so far. I know I'm looking forward to this and I hope it does extremely well. Any word on when you will release more story updates or even gameplay?

Does this game have mummies because I hated being turned into one in those Egyptian levels of Lost Vikings? /jk

Wow this tileset is extremely beautiful in a nice and simple way. It'd be very cool if somebody made a small RPG or strategy game using them. Simply amazing.

I really hate to say this but I hope this doesn't somehow get taken down for copyright.

You are still receiving money by way of a game that uses Nintendo IP. It's dumb but your game will likely still be taken down by Itch corp when Nintendo gets word of it. Just change a few sprites and the game's name and you should be clear.

Sorry to not have responded until now and yes $5 is fine price for the game. Thanks and can't wait to see the new names.

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The empire name did go through though and buying the $3 Empire option gave the game too? Thanks for also letting me have a dynasty name. I'd like it to be the Work dynasty which is my surname of scottish origin.

Created a new topic Empire naming benefit

I paid to be able to name a empire the Tulla and I'm not sure if it went through because when I click ok nothing happens. I paid $2 for the base game and than $3 more for the empire, do I need to pay another three dollars if I want to name a dynasty?

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I got the key, thanks. Looking forward to playing both games.

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I paid $5 so will I get a key in my email?

Created a new topic Steam key
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How do I get the Steam key once I buy the limited beta?