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If I buy the game during this sale does a Steam key come with it?

Ok. Thanks for the fast reply and I think I'll get it on Itchio in that case.

If I buy this game here do I also get a Steam key?

A game like this for only a few dollars is an absolute steal. You could be asking for much more so I appreciate how much work probably went into this game. I just hope the low price will bring a lot of people in to play your game because it needs to have many people playing it.

Will you be thinking of releasing onto Steam some time in the future?

Slizer: BMS community · Created a new topic Donation

I'd like to give a little cash to you for this interesting game but I see no option for it.

Dustlands community · Created a new topic Looks good

What you've shown of your game looks very promising so far. I know I'm looking forward to this and I hope it does extremely well. Any word on when you will release more story updates or even gameplay?

Wow this tileset is extremely beautiful in a nice and simple way. It'd be very cool if somebody made a small RPG or strategy game using them. Simply amazing.

I really hate to say this but I hope this doesn't somehow get taken down for copyright.

You are still receiving money by way of a game that uses Nintendo IP. It's dumb but your game will likely still be taken down by Itch corp when Nintendo gets word of it. Just change a few sprites and the game's name and you should be clear.

Sorry to not have responded until now and yes $5 is fine price for the game. Thanks and can't wait to see the new names.

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The empire name did go through though and buying the $3 Empire option gave the game too? Thanks for also letting me have a dynasty name. I'd like it to be the Work dynasty which is my surname of scottish origin.

I paid to be able to name a empire the Tulla and I'm not sure if it went through because when I click ok nothing happens. I paid $2 for the base game and than $3 more for the empire, do I need to pay another three dollars if I want to name a dynasty?

I got the key, thanks. Looking forward to playing both games.

I paid $5 so will I get a key in my email?

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How do I get the Steam key once I buy the limited beta?