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*looks at his watch, stunned by turn-around time*  Incredible!  Thank you for continuing to update and support your projects!  I'm really excited to work with this set of tools!

Trying to follow along with the tutorial video.  I'm having two errors simultaneously.  I have the following immediately:

"Assets\unity-wave-function-collapse\impl\Model.cs(22,2): error CS0104: 'Tuple<,>' is an ambiguous reference between 'Eppy.Tuple<T1, T2>' and 'System.Tuple<T1, T2>'"

And when I try to add the TilePainter to my canvas I get:  "Can't add script behavior CallbackExecutor. The script needs to derive from MonoBehavior."

I find this very confusing.  All the scripts have "monobehavior" in their declaration, I checked all their filenames and class declarations and they match.  But if I click on ANY of the scripts, at the top of the inspector it warns me that there either aren't any monobehaviors or mismatched names.

I'm thinking I'm in the wrong default project format?  How should I be starting my project?  Or am I missing something even more obvious?