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Also maybe:

Stone huts 

Stone statues

Stone paths

Stone tools

Can someone explain how exactly the Clone room works? cant seem to get it to work right....

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Stone use idea

We have wood fences, how about using all this excess stone to make stone walls (with a wood gate)

I have been storing them... But after 15k it's a little absurd. Glad to hear they will be more useful later though! Thanks!

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please give tree seeds the same action as dung and have then dissappear after 60 seconds. They just spawn way to fast and I can't seem to use them quickly enough.

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Tree seeds

The spawn rate for tree seeds is WAY too high, after only about 30 minutes i have amassed aprox. 3000 of them.  and on a side note... the caps for most of the storage containers have no cap! currently at 6650/3000 metal ore at the moment!

More suggestions:

(Time delay) Like the repeat function but will make the bot wait 10,20,30 seconds before continuing its task list.

(Folk happiness modifier) make there huts decay over time, and to build happiness back up you need to "repair" the Hut by adding logs to it.

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Suggestion

Bots learn from other bots.

Select"learn" and click on a bot that has a task (as long as it's battery isn't dead). The new one will "watch" it until it has complete one cycle of its task and then automatically start doing it as well.

multiple saves option would be nice