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59 doors. Felt like the inside of an ikea catalogue. 10/10.

Update: Because I'm crazy, essentially "cloned" the die by

1. copying the style from one of the other dice in the set (had to resize the pips though)

2. Literally Sitting There Typing Out Every. Single. Condition myself. Yes, including the keysmash.

Leaving this thread up for anyone else insane and methodical enough to do this, in case they needed a guide. And also just to suggest that being able to "copy from tray" might be nice! (This sounds passive aggressive, it's not, I LOVE this program) And also because this whole ordeal is hysterical.

Help, I feel so terrible! I was just playing around with the Lancer dice, and I accidentally deleted cascadeBehavior. Like, not just off the tray, but the entire die itself. The last of its kind is now sitting pinned in my tray as I've been desperately trying to figure out how to save or replicate it. Is there any way to get deleted dice back? I feel like a little polyhedral murderer :( Is there something obvious I'm missing?

...Egg Unusefulness...

Yes!! I got the chance to see it for myself after being away from the computer for a while-- and I'm glad I did! I wonder if Raposo set the final cut scene to play whenever a previous player had opened it up again, or if it HAD to be around march 3rd? it's just barely the 4th where i am, so maybe its a timezones thing? Exciting nonetheless.

Just letting you know someone's still paying attention, since i'm not seeing a lot of comments-- it was a bit inaccessible (i'd lose the strobe lights if you do anything else, could be a seizure/migraine risk depending on speed), but ultimately i find this really really REALLY fascinating and i'm really invested in how it ends.

I'd love to see more experimental work like this-- they're anxiety-inducing for obvious reasons, but the whole concept of "games that only exist for a set amount of time" is really underappreciated/unexplored. I think the fear is worth it, though. also, is that a little sailboat on Needo's head, or just a very fun hat?