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Getting retro tingles watching that... can't wait for the full game!!

Thanks for the update Sarah and the option of a second joystick button! This game rocks!

That would be amazing! Thank you Sarah!!  

It's a custom version which uses Port 1 fire (space) as a second button.

Thanks for the diagram but that doesn't help me. I know you can hold down button 1 but that feels quite fussy when I have a second button there to potentially use. Cheers.

Loving the game so far Sarah! 

Is there anyway to re-map the 'menu' button to the space bar? I'm using a 2 button joystick which uses space as the secondary fire button. Thanks :)

Hi Sarah. Is there a way to re-map the secondary action button to the space bar? That would be very cool as I have a 2 button joystick that uses this method. Cheers!