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Venba community · Created a new topic Congrats!

Just bought it on Steam, congratulations on the full release! Even just making thuni idli in the demo, I was so happy. Everything is perfect. 

Necroposting and sorry for that, but just wanted to clarify that it wasn't even the game's fault I kept clicking like I could unlock more. I understood it was over, it's that I loved it so much I didn't want to accept that haha. Hope you're all doing well, and thanks again for making this game.

This was wonderful. I didn't expect it to end so abruptly, I kept clicking as if I could magically unlock more of the story lol. Text presentation looks great, the art style of the portraits and their positioning worked well. And the other modes were just as good, I enjoyed just sitting back and listening to sound clips as the room from the family's past circled slowly. Really, you're so skilled with sound effects. The inclusion of footsteps and such did a lot to add a sense of place too. 

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Oh... it says in the updates that day 3 can be played, but my version (windows-x86) showed a note after day one saying the rest would be added later. Let me try again and see if I can keep cooking! (edit: after deleting the save and starting a game from the x64 zip this time, it still says to wait for days 2 and 3. So I'll wait! I'm happily looking forward to the rest. And congratulations both of you on finishing your thesis!)

What a wonderful game! It's so comfy and sweet... though I'm worried about nainai. She said she's fine but she's just trying not to worry us, isn't she!?

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This is great :D When I played this game as a kid I moved my tongue against my palate as the jump button lol I found myself doing it again playing this.

That carpet sure brings back memories. I really enjoyed getting inside and crawling up the structure.