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Just wanted to say you still have one of the best running and immersive vr games i have played to date, you chose the graphic style sensibly to accommodate our current VR headset capabilities and for that reason the game feels and runs excellent and fluid. I played this not long after you released on Itch and still jump on especially to show others the potential of VR gaming. Im glad your on steam now and hope you can continue the awesome work. 

lol yeh your probably right. I have subscribed now. Cheers

I keep refreshing for update... ;) If you are in need of some more motivation, please watch the video of my friends wife eating the ground while playing compound lolzz

really nice mechanics and satisfying. Looking forward to more, notice that multiplayer appears to be in the process of being implemented :)

Hahah well it seems i spoke to soon.. while trying my hardest last night to beat a small girl at dodgeball on rec room, i proceeded to throw the ball as hard as i could at her head... but my living room tv was right infront of me lol controller survived though lol.. hope your work is going well

lullzzz well it seems i spoke to soon..

just wanted to say you have done a great job so far, very intuitive and satisfying. Will play any updates that come along on my setup, Vive + GTX 970. Its usually the first game i chuck people in when show casing VR! It almost resulted in a smashed tv the other night but never mind lol. Keep up the good work fella.